Broad overview of phytoremediation

Plant biotechnology for the removal of organic pollutants and toxic metals from wastewaters and contaminated sites - EU COST ACTION 837 project

NebGuide describes bioengineering techniques for hillslope, streambank and lakeshore erosion control. Tips for a successful bioengineering installation and demonstration project are presented

Dendroremediation of explosives. This website looks at the suitability of several tree species including poplar and willow for the remediation of TNT and other explosives.

Brownfield Remediation. This is a list of publications, some of which can be downloaded, by the team led by Nick Dickinson at Liverpool John Moores University in the UK. The group undertakes research and practical application of the use of trees, including willow and poplar in the rehabilitation of brownfield and contaminated land.

Online Phytoremediation Decision Tree . This website gives basic direct guidance on whether a site might be suitable for phytoremediation based on broad site conditions and contaminant type.

Willows for energy and phytoremediation in Sweden


IEA Bioenergy Task 30 Short Rotation Crops website


Water Renew- Wastewater polishing using renewable energy crops – an EU Life funded project to be completed at the end of 2008.


Biopros - Solutions for the safe application of wastewater and sludge for high efficient biomass production in Short-Rotation-Plantations – an EU funded project due for completion in late 2008.


Sustainable wastewater purification in Estonian small municipalities Eu Life project running between 2002 and 2006. (In Estonian)

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