Methodology of the review

In 2005, FAO initiated a project to evaluate the role and impact that tree improvement programmes are having on forest health issues around the world. Initially, a web-based literature search was undertaken to document:

  • various research activities that have helped to increase understanding of genetic resistance to diseases and pests;
  • programmes that are attempting to develop resistant material and deploy them in reforestation efforts.

After the initial web search, the database was subsequently populated with additional input and edits from IUFRO colleagues and contacts working in disease and pest resistance. This work was a collaborative effort with the Forest Management Division, FAO (Gillian Allard), the British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Canada (Alvin Yanchuk) and the Molecular Tree Breeding Services, US (Nicholas Wheeler).

The database has been updated largely from activities reported at the 2011 4th International Workshop on the Genetics of Host-Parasite Interactions in Forestry: Disease and Insect Resistance in Forest Trees, as well as from recent literature and others that were missed in the 2005 survey.

Once again, for the purposes of this database/review, an activity was defined as a recorded fact (i.e. publication) on tree selection or breeding for insect and disease susceptibility or resistance in a given country, on a given species or variety, using a given technique, or targeting a given pest. Although an activity may comprise several publications, in such cases the activity was recorded only once in the review. Also, small adjustments have also been made to some of the activities, due to perceived changes since the 2005 survey.

last updated:  Thursday, January 24, 2013