Forest Resources Assessment

Welcome to the Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) homepage.

The FRA programme has two main components:

Forest resources assessments are based on field measurements and observations

Forest resources assessments are about the various benefits from forests and how they change over time. This includes:

  • Extent of forest resources and global carbon cycle,
  • Forest ecosystem heath and vitality,
  • Biological diversity,
  • Productive functions of forests,
  • Protective functions of forests, and
  • Socio-economic functions of forests.

Forest resources explicitly include forests, other wooded land and trees outside of the forest, as defined by FAO.

Policies and planning requires to evaluate management strategies, to monitor developments and to make projections for the future. This is only possible with comprehensive information on the status, dynamics and responses of the forest ecosystems. That is why we do forest resources assessments.

Assessing and monitoring the world's forest resources has been a core activity for FAO's Forestry Department since 1946. The compilation of global forest resource information is undertaken by the FRA Programme of FAO Forestry Department.

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