The Forest Resources Assessment (FRA)

Humanity stands at a crucial point in its development. Never before the Earth's ecosystems have been so greatly affected by our presence. Large areas of the world's forests, which have served in the subsistence and advancement of humankind, have been converted to other uses or severely degraded. While substantial areas of forests remain, there is now widespread recognition that these resources are not infinite.

The Global Forest Resources Assessment,(FRA), provides the opportunity to reflect on the current condition of our planet's forest resources through the appraisal of their state every five to ten years. The assessment is a key source of factual information on forests for use by national institutions and international fora such as the Convention on Biological Diversity, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention to Combat Desertification who seek solutions to environmental concerns.

Furthermore, the Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) is geared towards supporting member countries in carrying outNational Forest Assessments in order to facilitate decision and policy-making for the sustainable management of trees and forests.

The latest forest resources assessment,FRA 2000, was the most comprehensive and technologically advanced assessment in FAO's 50-year history. It relied on the active participation of partners and member countries around the world. At present, the Forest Resources Assessment Programme is preparing an update of FRAto 2005. This evaluation relies on the participation and contributions by countries, through the network of National Correspondents to FRA. In addition, an Advisory Group has been formed in order to assist the process of FRA 2005.

last updated:  Tuesday, February 22, 2005