Complementary inventories

The conclusions of the project to collate information on comparative conifer plantations in the Mediterranean region show the establishment of 839 trials in 14 countries over the past 50 years. The collated information available in the form of tables on this site indicates the current status of the trials carried out, inventorized, analysed and completed. The large number of trials set up by the various countries reflects the importance of the selection of forest species for national institutions. In the case of trials still under way, inventories and complementary measures could be carried out jointly by the national authorities, FAO, INRA, and even other interested partners.

Regional summaries

Complementary measures would then be analysed country by country. INRA would assume responsibility for analysing and producing scientific summaries of trials at the regional level. The results of these regional summaries by species would then be published in coordination with the various partners.

Vital nature of countries' participation

Following Silva Mediterranea's September 2004 request for the nomination of a national focal point for this project, the countries were to supply information on the status of trials, together with recommendations for inventories and complementary measures. The participation of national institutions is thus vital with a view to moving on to the phases of complementary inventories, final summary and the publication of results.

It is therefore essential that countries that have not yet done so, should nominate a national correspondent with whom scientific and technical exchanges can take place. Only then can the project fully reflect not only the work carried out but also the particular conditions and needs of each country in the region.

last updated:  Friday, January 22, 2010