Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

-Could you take into consideration my request of funding?

FAO is not a funding organization. We do not offer grants. We help researcher seeking grants with the information published in this guide. The entries are updated and the classification has been conceived from the user's point of view and needs.

-What kind of information can I find here?

Review of and links to funding sources, organized by travel, training and projects. Other categories has been taking into account as target groups and geographic references.

-Who is updating the information?

Many different partners inside and outside FAO, like the Research and Technology Development Service of FAO (SDRR), the International Foundation for Science and the Collaborative Partnership on Forestry (CPF) are collaborating to update the funding sources in a share database.

-Do you offer any kind of grant for travelling?

No, we provide a section with a list of grants that includes travel as a funding option.

last updated:  Friday, August 5, 2005