How to design / conduct a national forestry programme

The Organization of the process is a logistic phase.

It includes the identification of all stakeholders in the forestry and related sectors, the organization of coordination mechanisms and the development of a communication strategy to ensure the transparency of the process and the full participation of all actors.

The Strategic Planning" is an analysis and studies phase.

The potential key activities are:

  • review of the forestry and related sectors (current situation, constraints, opportunities and issues);
  • description and appraisal of options and scenarios;
  • formulation of a forestry policy and elaboration of a long-term strategy, related to the selected scenario;
  • preparation of an action plan (including well defined priorities).

The "Programme Implementation" phase includes:

  • operational planning: detailed formulation and appraisal of programmes, projects, and activities;
  • securing financing;
  • coordination of implementation;
  • monitoring.

The "Revision and Updating" phase refers to the periodical evaluation and revision of the national forest programme.

  • It must be noted that capacity building is an integral part of all phases of the process.
  • Depending upon the situation in each country, the actual steps taken and the time needed for the preparation of the national forest programme will vary greatly. The process must be adapted to the situation prevailing in each country.