Table 1: Basic country data

The "Land area" figure refers to total area of the country, excluding areas under inland water bodies. These data have been derived from the total area of the country (including inland water) as maintained by FAOSTAT, minus the area of inland water as reported by FRA 2000 (see Table 5 below). Population statistics on total population, population density, and annual rate of change are taken from World population prospects - the 1998 revision (UN 1999). The source of "percentage rural population" data is World urbanization prospects - the 1996 revision (UN 1997).

The source of the economic data is World development indicators 1999 (World Bank 2000). The gross national product (GNP) per capita figure represents the GNP divided by the mid-year population. The data are in constant 1995 US dollars. The annual percentage growth rate of gross domestic product (GDP) is based on constant local currency.

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