Table 2: Forest cover - information status

The table indicates the availability of forest cover information and its compatibility with definitions used in FRA 2000. "Latest available statistics" refers to the latest available and relevant source data covering the entire country (see also Table 5). "Reference year" is the average year of the field survey or the remote sensing material used. "Method" specifies how the information was obtained (FS = nationwide field sampling, DM = detailed mapping, GM = general mapping, ES = expert estimate). "Compatibility" indicates how well the national forest classifications could be transformed to FRA 2000 global classes (H = High, M = Medium, L = Low). The "Time series" columns indicate whether a country time series for forest cover could be constructed and used in FRA 2000, and how compatible the observations along the time series were (H = High, M = Medium, L = Low). The number of references is the number of publications used in FRA 2000 to estimate forest cover and plantation extent for the country.

<br><br> <center><h4>FRA Global table 2:<br>Forest cover - information status</h4></center> 

last updated:  Monday, June 3, 2002