Table 7: Volume and biomass in forest

The table shows estimates of volume (total volume over bark of living trees above 10 cm diameter at breast height) and biomass (above-ground mass of the woody part (stem, bark, branches, twigs) of trees, alive or dead, shrubs and bushes. "Information source" refers to the type of source data used for the estimate (NI = national inventory, PI = partial inventory, ES = expert estimate, EX = data extrapolated from other countries).

For industrialized countries (Europe, the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States) the stem volume for all living trees has been used for the volume figure. Some variation as to the minimum diameter applied are reported in UNECE/FAO (2000).

<br><br> <center><h4>FRA Global table 7:<br>Volume and biomass in forest</h4></center> 

last updated:  Monday, June 3, 2002