Table 16 : FRA 2000 country interaction

This table lists for each country the FRA 2000 country correspondent - the official contact point for information requests and validation of results.

The table also indicates the countries in which FRA 2000 assignments were carried out to support the national assessments, the countries that participated in workshops and meetings organized within the framework of FRA 2000, and additional FRA 2000 documents that are available for the country.

The document codes are as follows:

WPx = FRA Working Paper No. x,FRA Working Papers

WPx, y = two different FRA Working Papers, Nos. x and y


EC-FAO = proceedings from workshops carried out within the EC-FAO projects in support of outlook studies and FRA 2000. Documents available on line at:<br><br> <center><h4>FRA Global table 16:<br>FRA 2000 country interaction </h4></center> 

last updated:  Monday, June 3, 2002