Table 15 : Forest in protected areas / available for wood supply

Forest protected areas refer to areas within IUCN categories I to VI for nature protection. "Country report" refers to the country submissions to FRA 2000 from industrialized countries, in which the term "protection" was interpreted broadly, particularly for IUCN categories V and VI, and may include areas under general forest management. "Global maps" refers to an overlay (implemented by UNEP-WCMC) of FRA 2000 global maps of forest cover and the FRA 2000 global map of protected areas with legal protection status. Percentages refer to total forest area.

"Forest available for wood supply" refers to a study based on FRA 2000 global maps (see Chapter 10). It was assumed that forests inside protected areas are not available for wood supply and that forests above an altitude threshold (tropical domain, 3 000 m; subtropical, 2 500 m; temperate, 2 000 m; boreal, 1 000 m) were economically inaccessible. The remaining forest area was measured within different distances to existing infrastructure (roads and railroads, but not rivers). Results for distances of 10, 20, 30 and 50 km are reported, as well as for an unlimited distance.

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