October 2000
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  • Regional Inception Workshop
  • Philippine MF National Inception Workshop
  • Thailand MF News
  • Project Profile Ulot Watershed Model Forest, Philippines
  • Project Profile - Ngao Model Forest, Thailand

January 2001
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  • Lin’an MF Local Partners’ Meeting
  • 4th International Model Forests Workshop
  • Thailand MF National Inception Workshop
  • Ngao Model Forest Plan
  • Philippine MF Stakeholders’ Workshop
  • 2nd Paukkhaung MF Partnership Group Meeting
  • International Eco-Tourism Workshop
  • Bamboo Management and Processing Workshop
  • JICA Training Course on Practical Case Studies on Sustainable Forest Management
  • Sharing Experience with Other Model and Demonstration Forest Initiatives and Networks

April 2001

  • 2nd Regional Model Forest Workshop
  • 2nd Project Steering Committee Meeting
  • 3rd Lin’an MF Partners’ Meeting
  • Montreal Process Meeting Visits Lin’an MF
  • Paukkhaung Model Forest, Myanmar
  • Ngao Model Forest and MAB Programme
  • Ulot MF Stakeholders Federate
  • Community Level C&I Workshop
July 2001
  • Model Forest Level C & I Workshop
  • Ulot MF Stakeholders Identify Alternative Livelihood Activities
  • Activities in Paukkhaung MF
  • Continuous Monitoring System for SFM Tested in Ngao MF
  • Edible Insects at Ngao Model Forest
  • Conservation Summer Camp at Ngao Model Forest
  • Population Pressure, Poverty and Deforestation - Philippines Case Study
  • C&I Workshop Field Visits

October 2001

  • Paukkhaung MF Partners Meet
  • Paukkhaung MF Community Group Meeting
  • C&I Preparatory Workshop for Paukkhaung MF
  • C&I for SFM in Ulot Watershed MF
  • Ulot MF POs Get Financial Support For Livelihood Projects
  • Lin’an MF Hickory Farmers Meet
  • Non-hazardous Prevention and Control of Bamboo Shoot Aphids in Lin’an MF
  • Facilitating Farmers’ Participation in Eco-tourism in Linan MF
  • Partnership Building in Ngao Model Forest
  • Protected insects in Ngao MF
  • International Conference on Advancing Community Forestry

January 2002


  • 3rd Regional Model Forest Workshop
  • Field Visits to Paukkhaung MF
  • Lin’an MF Bamboo Partners Meet
  • Pilot Code of Harvesting Practice in Myanmar
  • Agroforestry Under Natural Forest
  • Woodfuel Utilization Training
  • Tapping Almaciga Tree: the Philippine Experience
  • Economic Diversification of Rain Tree in Ngao MF

April 2002
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  • Ngao MF Partners Visit Successful Bamboo and Medicinal Plant Enterprises
  • Ants at Ngao MF
  • Ngao MF Partnership Progresses
  • Lin’an MF Partners’ Meeting
  • Pilot COHP Workshop in Paukkhaung MF
  • NWFPs in Paukkhaung MF
  • Land Use Practices and Changes in PKMF
  • Performance of Community-based Bamboo Plantings in Ulot MF
  • Training of Trainers in Rattan Processing in Ulot M
July 2002
  • Chinese Forestry Vice-Minister Visits Lin’an MF
  • Workshop on “Best Practices” for Bamboo, Hickory and Ecotourism Development in Lin’an MF
  • International Workshop on Model Forests and SFM, Lin’an
  • Forest Roading Workshop in Paukkhaung MF
  • Mushroom Cultivation: An Alternative to Shifting Cultivation
  • Collaborative Management of Wild Bamboo in Ngao MF
  • Utilization and Cultivation of Paper Mulberry in Ngao MF
  • Split Rattan Production in Ulot MF
  • Ulot MF Training on Resin Tapping
  • RMFP Forest Policy Workshop, Terminal Evaluation Mission
  • “Autumn Bamboo Shoot” Cultivation Training
  • “What Next?” Workshop in Myanmar
  • Traditional and Current Land Use in South Nawin Watershed in PKMF
  • Collaborative Management of Forest (Bamboo) Resources in Ngao MF
  • Use and Cultivation of Paper Mulberry in Ngao MF
  • Ulot Watershed MF Federation Gets New Partner
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