photographs: Antonio Perez Rio, Gyorgy Kovacs, Evgenl Zotov



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Soil conservation, water management, restoration of degraded lands and torrent-control in upland watersheds are important challenges which require the collaboration of all the actors involved in the rational utilization of soil and water resources. Therefore the Working Party on the Management of Mountain Watersheds as a country driven technical body under the umbrella of the European Forestry Commission was established back in 1950.  





Working Groups

 The vision of the WP-MMW is to promote sustainable development in mountain watersheds with a view to enhance resilience to climate change and natural disasters and to ensure the long-term provision of environmental services by watersheds for both upstream and downstream areas.

photo: Kevin Walsh


The Working Party is continuously confronted with emerging issues of global importance and needs to keep an active reflection alive on the relevance and the impact of its activities. Therefore the new Governance and Strategy foresee thematic or regional Working Groups which allow the Working Party to respond to different emerging needs and priorities within the European region. At the moment there is a group working on Forest & Water and one on Natural Hazards.









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