Forest tenure in Africa

FAO has developed a pilot study covering 20 countries in Africa. A number of initiatives to empower local communities, decentralize decision-making to local government and increase private sector involvement in forest management has been taking place in this region. The aim of this study is to shape a clearer understanding of these trends and their impact on sustainable forest management and poverty alleviation. Detailed quantitative information has been collected from 17 countries. The information is complemented by 11 case studies from 11 countries, as illustrated in the map.


A summary of the results, a first analysis of major trends and issues related to forest tenure in the region, as well as all the case studies developed, are included in the following publications:

Understanding forest tenure in Africa: opportunities and challenges for forest tenure diversification. Forest Policy and Institutions Working Paper N. 19. FAO, 2008

Tenure security for better forestry. Understanding forest tenure in Africa. FAO, 2008.

lastUpdate  Thursday, October 13, 2011