COFO Presentations

COFO plenary sessions

Harcharik, David. COFO opening statement

Heino, Jan. SOFO 2007

Allard, Gillian and Truesdale, Denny. Forest protection

Mueller, Eva. La actividad forestal al servicio de las comunidades locales

Holmgren, Peter and Wilkie, Mette. Progressing towards sustainable forest management

Kone, Pape D. Recommandations des organes statutaires de la FAO a l’attention du COFO

Congreso Forestal Mundial 2009: Argentina

Regional Forestry Commission bureaux

Abreu, Hector Miguel. COFLAC


Prasad, G. K. Overview of activities of the APFC

The NEFC: overview of activities

Climate change

Reducing emissions from deforestation in developing countries

Saddler. Impacts of climate change on agriculture and forestry

National forest programmes and poverty alleviation

Ibro, Adamou. Rôle du secteur foret dans la réduction de la pauvreté cas du Niger

Issufo, Alima. A.K. Forests and poverty reduction in Mozambique

National Forest Programmes and poverty reduction strategies

The poverty forests linkages toolkit

Forests and energy

Begus, Jurij. Assessing wood energy demand and supply

Bernard. Role of forests industries in contributing to a solution to climate change

Best, Gustavo. Bioenergy in FAO

Faaij, Andre. Outlook on forest energy

Forest energy

Katshuisa, H. Forests and energy new challenges in sustainable forest management

Kone, Pape D. Sustainable use of wood fuels in developing countries

Mabee, W and Saddler, J. N. Figures and facts on forests and energy

Moulinier, Alain. Le bois dans les politiques energetiques françaises

Taylor, Michael. Energy: technology perspectives

Collaborative Partnership on Forests

Hooda, Neeta. Forests and the CDM and developments in the dialogue on reducing emissions from deforestation

Liberia forestry sector reform

Woods, John T. Liberia forest sector governance and reform

Forest health

Chilima, Clement. An overview of the Forestry Invasive Species Network for Africa

Evans, Hugh. IPPC standards a means of enhancing forest protection globally

Evans, Hugh. Making sense of current and future issues in international plant protection

Ivess. An introduction to the international plant protection convention

Parks, Catherine. Protecting forests from invasive species through enhanced international cooperation

Sankaran, K.V. Asia-Pacific forest invasive species network: genesis, objectives and achievements

Thomson, Lex and Dvorak, Bill. Issues related to movement of tree germplasm for research purposes

Understanding forest tenure

Jinlong, Liu. Understanding collective forest tenure and reform in China

Khare, Arvind et al. Why forest tenure reform and why it matters

Reeb, Dominique et al. Understanding forest tenure towards forest tenure diversification

Fire management

Dialogue event fire management

Goldammer. Review of international cooperation in fire management

Shlisky, Ayn. Achieving biodiversity conservation through the strategy to enhance international cooperation in fire management

Truesdale, Denny. Fire management strategy

Small and medium-scale forest enterprises

Macqueen, Duncan. Creating an enabling environment for SMFEs

Small and medium forest enterprise SMFE development

Sonko, Kebba N. Mainstreaming community based forest enterprise development: the Gambian experience

Russian Forests: National and International Dimensions

Kulikova, Elena: Russian forests: national and international dimensions

Roshchupkin, Valery P. Russian forests: national and international dimensions

Project Market Place

Berterreche, A. Recuperación de suelos degradados con sistemas silvopastoriles

Dubey, Prabhakar. Improvement of the livelihood of forest dependent communities

A higher priority for mountain activities

Hofer, Tomas. FAO's focus on mountains

The Italia Ministry for the environment land and sea and its activities related to mountain regions

Price, Martin. Summits and horizons: mountains on the agenda, 1992 2007

Voluntary guidelines: Forestry tools that contribute to sustainable development

Holmgren, Peter et al. Voluntary guidelines

Regional action on sustainable forest management

Abreu, Hector. COFLAC

Borkowski, Piotr. Towards sustainable forest management in Europe: 17 years of MCPFE commitments

Chaudron, Alain. Forestry processes in Europe

Christodoulou, Alexandros. Near East highlights

Collins, Sally. Regional action on sustainable forest management

Cuco, Arlito. Implementation of sustainable forest management

Salas, Alberto. El proceso de EFCA-PERFOR

Quantitative targets in forest policy

Azevedo, Tasso. Quantitative targets on forest policy experiences in Brazil

Berglund, Linda. Forestry targets and nature conservation

Osterblom, Ulf. The perspective of family forest owners

Sollander, Erik. Targets for Swedish forest sector

Congo Basin forests: challenges and issues at stake

Foteu, Roger. Harmonisation des politiques et systemes de controles forestiers des pays de l’espace COMIFAC

Jonas. Les forêts du bassin du Congo cadre politique et institutionnel

Long Marc, V. Le partenariat pour les forêts du bassin du Congo

Makon. Forêts du bassin du Congo : défis et enjeux

Sven, Walter. La contribution des produits forestiers non ligneux a la sécurité en Afrique centrale opportunités et contraintes

Generating and sharing knowledge on forest resources


Holmgren, P. Generating and sharing knowledge on forest resources part 1

Holmgren, P. Generating and sharing knowledge on forest resources part 2

Kauppila, Aulikki. 20 years of expert consultations on how to assess the worlds forests

Saket, Mohamed. Evaluations nationales des ressources forestieres: appui de la fao aux pays

Wilkie, Mette. Global Forest Resources Assessment: Towards FRA 2010

Forests and Water: New generation of watershed management programmes

Hofer, Tomas. The new generation of watershed management programmes

The interface between forests and agriculture

Azevedo, Tasso. Sustainable forest districts

Best, Gustavo. Agriculture-forest interface bioenergy

Guillen, Bustos et al. Armonización de las políticas ambiental y agrícola en Centroamérica

Killmann, Wulf. Agriculture-forest interface an overview

Steinfeld, Henning. Livestocks role in the deforestation process

Reducing emissions from deforestation

Grassi et al. Carbon stocks in the context of RED-DC

Lichte, Rocio. Reducing emissions from deforestation in developing countries

Braatz, Susan. Reducing emissions from deforestation the issue and FAO

Marklund, I.G. and Vonluepke, Heiner. Potential use for a mechanism on reducing emissions from deforestation RED-DC

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