Meeting module news

Foris Meetings now supports iCalendar 8 April 2011 The Meetings module now supports sharing of meetings/events information residing in the meetings module using the iCalendar format. It is possible to limit which meetings/event to share, by meeting group. An example has been set up on the Forestry home page. Using the iCalendar format, it possible to link Foris meetings to a calendar in outlook (see image, standard outlook calendar to the left, and "forestry meetings" in green to the right), or to a Google calendar, or directly to in iPhone/iPad. This is in all its simplicity, a big step forward in working with information beyond traditional Web sites and databases. [more]
27 April 2010 We have re-visited the meeting module. A few small, but very annoying bugs have been removed. The most important being the “parent meeting” problem - Eva and Nora, many thanks for pointing this out. The only visible change is the “to be decided” text, previously appearing when the date was not complete. This is now gone. Instead we show, for instance, “2011-April” when the date is incomplete. The same applied to country and venue. If filled in, they appear. If not – nothing is outputted. [more]
26 May 2009 The documentation covering the Foris meetings module has been updated, covering the most recently added features (documents, invitation, etc.) [more]
19 May 2009 Foris Meetings module has today been upgraded. The immediately visible result is quicker searches, and quicker system response. As important is that the system now can cope with an increased workload without significantly slowing down. It is more future proof. [more]
4 May 2009 The meetings module has been updated and much improved for handling meeting planning. It is now possible to upload an invitation for a meeting, as well as add FAO participation to a meeting. The planning section has been moved out as a separate entry, making it easily to remove this from view, should the need arise. It is also possible to export information easily to Excel. [more]
24 March 2009 Foris meetings now accommodate three new document types; presentations, posters, and a miscellaneous category. The back-end input side is ready, while work is ongoing on the WebDev page plug-in. The new functionality can be used from today. [more]
2 October 2008 The meetings module has been updated with a number of new fields; time, meeting type, description, Key meeting participants (moderator, keynote speaker, chair person). The web site display of the information has been changed, accommodating this new information. An “more/less” clickable link shows/hides certain information, when the meetings are shown in headline view. [more]

last updated:  Thursday, October 2, 2008