Basic data entry

The meetings database aims at being easy to use, particularly for entering basic information about a meeting - while simultaneously - being able to handle a wealth of information related to a meeting.

In order to reduce the complexity and the visual impact, data to be entered has been split into sections. The amount of required data is also kept at a minimum: only title, place (country) and date(s) are mandatory. This information is found on the first section to be shown for a data entry user, on the "basics" tab.

The data sections are:

  • Basics
  • Persons involved
  • Official documents
  • Summary and results
  • Publish

Each section and its form is described on a separate page.

Additional data

For some meetings more information is needed. This information is optional and consists of:

  • planning information (only of relevance for the organizing institution);
  • documents (posters, presentations and others);


last updated:  Monday, May 25, 2009