Page content types

Webdev of course accepts text entered directly in the WebDev interface. As other content management systems, much of the actual HTML is kept out of sight for the end-user. He or she enters text in a form and the system takes subsequently care of the rendering.

WebDev also integrates with other modules of Foris. Content created and maintained in other Foris modules can easily be published onto a Foris Web page. A growing number of content types are availble. The actual display of many types of content can be heavily fine-tuned while working on a page. A particular piece of content can therefore look quite different from one site and page, to the other.

The list on the right hand side of this page specifies the types of content possible to link in, onto a Web page, from other Foris modules. Each content type links to a detailed module site, having a section on WebDev integration.

Items listed on the left hand side are content types being maintained directly in WebDev. Each type is described on a page, showing how it can be used.

last updated:  Wednesday, October 7, 2009