CDR documents

FAO Forestry utilizes the FAO corporate document repository for storing documents.

CDR is in anticipation of a major change. The idea is to merge it with the library catalogue. Forestry has therefore not invested in a neat interface to the CDR, again, as the system is expected to change. Instead we offer a simple bridge between Foris and CDR through a URL with a number of options, parameters, as described further down on this page.

The URL is possible to run entierly without any parameters (defaults are used). Used this way, it returns some 3000+ documents.

The order of the parameters is not important. The first parameter must be preceded by a question mark, all others preceded by an ampersand sign (see also below in the sample URL) as usual (http-protocol standard rules).

Parameters selecting documents from CDR

Parameters below provide means to select within the corporate document repository. If many selection parameters are used, an implicit “and” is assumed between them. The by far most widely used is the series parameter.

As seen below, selection parameters are somewhat blunt. There is no possibility to select by keyword (AGROVOC) art present. As a result it is impossible to retrieve everything useful for a certain theme at present.

  • series=x (x being a series code)
  • title=string_title
  • country=ISO3
  • region=region_id
  • no_in_serie=number in serie
  • language=
    • en
    • fr
    • es
    • ar
    • zh

Parameters affecting the display

Parameters listed below refers to how content is displayed onto a Foris page. Parameters are listed in descending order of frequency of use. The last, CSS, should for instance hardly be changed at all.

The lang parameter should not be confused with the language parameter used for selection above. Lang is used for determining in which language to display AGROVOC keywords (and other some ohter aspects of the user interface). It affects the display, not the selection of documents. Arabic and Chinese are not supported.

  • sortorder=
    • 1 (title)
    • 2 (no_in_serie ASC)
    • 3 (no_in_serie DESC)
  • recordsperpage=x (x being a number)
  • abstract=no (hides abstract)
  • cover=no (hides cover)
  • new=no (hides the new box)
  • keywords=no (hides AGROVOC keywords)
  • lang=
    • en
    • fr
    • es
  • css= documents/style_fo.css

WebDev integration

CDR documents are put on a Foris page using the page item "Import external URL". This page item gives the site author the possibility of entering a URL; a Web address. The URL to enter is described on this page. One URL has to be entered for each language, thus the page item has to be marked as "geo sensitive".

Sample URL

CDR quirks

Series number

CDR offers only a text field for the “number in series” data item. This is unfortunate, as it affects the sorting in a way most perceive as “odd”, when populating the field with numbers (which is the indicated use). Text is intended to be sorted alphabetically. If putting numbers in a text field, two types of logic clash, with an odd result. A series as “1, 2, 11, 3, 12” is thus sorted as follows: “1, 11, 12, 2, 3”.

There is a “workaround” for this, but the result looks somewhat odd. Leading zero(es) can be added to the “number”. The downside is that the numbers are displayed as entered “01”, “02” and so on.


Covers are shown when “turned on”, as seen above. The interaction between the list and the image is built on a certain naming-standard. If this standard is not followed, the link is broken and no cover appears. The cover may “be there”, but then with an incorrect name. It can be a matter of Capitalization of name, or suffix.

last updated:  Monday, October 8, 2007