Very often there is interest in publishing “news” on a Web site. However, experience says that maintaining a news section is often not done properly. Many news sections tend to show old and outdated news. There is a need of facilitate the maintenance of a news section.

News is one out two main types:
  • news on what we have are doing/have done;
  • news on what’s going on, in general, in the field;

The first type requires us to maintain, to feed, the site with news. The second requires no maintenance from our side, provided we can find some relevant sources for the information we are interested in.

Our news

The first type is news which we write. These pieces of news are written to be published onto a web site. We may also want to share them with others. Foris offers a module for maintaining collections of news and also publishing them on a Foris page, as well as sharing them with the outside world.

General news

It is also possible to “link” to others offering so called RSS-feeds, and to publish these feeds on a Foris web page. The key issue is to find relevant feeds. Many feeds can be used to create a “blend” of news coming from various sources.

Example pages

  • Our intranet first page is populated using news feeds. Here we have several feeds on a single page; one feed for ADG messages, one for “news and alerts”, another for “vacancies” and so on.
  • The climate change site offers a climate change news page, compiled from several sources.
last updated:  Tuesday, October 9, 2007