At times there is a need of offering users the option of commenting a Web page, a full Web site, a document, or even a section of a page.

Foris WebDev offers a “comment” piece of content, which can be added to a page using Foris WebDev. The comment stream can be added directly on the page, without any prior configuration. Streams of comments must be looked after. A moderator is therefore needed. The moderator will have to monitor the stream of comments, and remove (moderate), if needed, comments which go astray.

There are many potential uses of the comments module. Some suggested uses:

  • Seeking comments on a draft paper
  • Seeking comments on a proposed meeting agenda
  • Seeking general input for a web site, possibly on a “contact us” page
  • A frequently asked questions page, with authentic questions from users

For a full reference of how to technically use the module, kindly refer to the "How-to" page.

Below we welcome comments on the module and its features.

last updated:  Monday, October 15, 2007