How-to Comments module

The comments module is used for a number of tasks, the most important being:
  • moderating a comment thread
  • closing a comment thread
  • changing the responsible moderator

Details on how to carry out these are all given on this page. Before any work can be done on a thread, it has to be found and selected, as seen below.

Finding a comments thread

A thread can be located in a number of ways:
  • By free text search on its name, either alone or in combination with:
    • restricting threads listed to those being open
    • restricting threads listed to having [logged in user] as moderator
    • restricting threads listed to being those with unread comments

Filtering records in the result section is done in real-time, as letters are entered in the search box. There is no need pressing enter, to activate the search. The same is true when restricting what to be shown/searched within. The result changes immediately when the check boxes are altered.

Comments module - selecting comment thread window

Results columns

Name: - name of the thread as given in WebDev.
Moderator: - name of the person responsible for moderating the thread.
# Total: - total number of comments.
# Unread: - number of comments, not yet read by the moderator.
# Warnings: - number of comments having been reported as abusive.

Note, it possible to sort on all columns (up/down).

Click anywhere in the row, showing the thread you are interested in.

Having found the thread

The screen presented when a thread has been selected

Moderating a comment thread

Once comment thread has been located and selected, it can be moderated. In the thread overview screen shown when the thread has been selected (above), an entry for moderating is found on the left hand side.
last updated:  Tuesday, October 16, 2007