News How-to: WebDev module

The Foris Feed builder is a tool for creating and managing RSS 2.0. compatible feeds.

An explanation of what RSS is and what it can be used for, can be found at Wikipedia.

The Feed builder can be used in different ways:

  • Creating feeds which we use for exchanging data with other organizations (GFIS and others);
  • Creating feeds which we display on our own sites;
  • Pooling feed data together (aggregate) and display this on our Web sites;
A special page item is available for handlling the Foris WebDev, Foris Feed builder integration. As usual, a page author selects to put "News feed" on a page. Subsequently, the page item is populated, using the interface show below.Edit news feed

Display settings

Display settings affects how the RSS-feed items are rendered on the Web page.
  • Name when a RSS feed compilation is further distributed as an RSS-feed, this name is used in the feed.
  • Entires displayed determines the nuber of entries to display (if available), given the set sort order.
  • Date sort order items can be sorted by date in the following ways:
    • Randomly - not really sorted
    • Decending (old items first)
    • Ascending (new items first)
  • Show publication date
  • if ticked, the publication date is shown below each item.
  • Show category some RSS-feeds have their items tagged with a category. if present and if this box is ticked, categories are shown below the item.
  • Show RSS-icon
  • If ticked, the feed it decorated with a standard RSS icon which links to a URL giving the information presented as a RSS feed.

Subscribed RSS-feeds

It is possible to subscribe, as it is called on the Web, to an RSS-feed. The module allows the subscription to a free number of feeds. Items in these feeds will be randomly mixed in the output.

Feeds are added one by one, as they are known, with the URL. Invalid URLs do not break the final output.

Foris Feed builder RSS-feeds are also entered as any other RSS-feed. Refer to the Feed builder module page for details on Feed builder URLs.

last updated:  Tuesday, October 23, 2007