How-to Feed builder module

The feed builder module is used for creating and maintaining RSS feeds.

Feed data

A “feed” is a collection of items in a specified format. A feed consists of;
  • common attributes, and;
  • a collection of items (described further down on this page)

Common attributes

This group of data is common to one feed (collection of items).

Shortcut, all Foris generated feeds share a common base URL: the shortcut is the last piece, making the URL unique:

As the shortcut is part of the URL, it is subject to the restrictions imposed by all other URLs. Blank spaces are for instance not allowed.

Title the title, or name of the feed. It is obviously closely related to the shortcut, but can be more verbose including blank spaces.

Language, At times we would like to have feeds separated by language. We may have a common name, but one feed for French and another for the English version. The attribute help us, as users, to remember in which language we are supposed to add content.

Description is a free piece of text which we can use for describing the purpose of the feed.

Sort option, determines how the entries are going to be listed when reading (opening) the feed output.


Each item consists of four attributes:

Title of the item. It is often displayed in bold above the description (see below).

Description, a free unformatted text, often used as an appetizer for the link (see below).

Link, a URL, often linking to “further information”.

Publication date, the date when the item was added to the feed.

Finding a feed

A feed can be located as follows:
  • By free text search on its name, shortcut and description of the feed and its entries, either alone or in combination with:
    • restricting feeds to those having been entered by [logged in user]
    • restricting feeds to those last changed by [logged in user]

Filtering records in the result section is done in real-time, as letters are entered in the search box. There is no need pressing enter, to activate the search. The same is true when restricting what to be shown/searched within. The result changes immediately when the check boxes are altered.

Find feed screen

Results columns

Title: - Title (or name) of the feed.
Shortcut: - The shortcut given to the feed.
Language: - total number of comments.
Date changed: - Last time (date) when the feed was changed.
last updated:  Tuesday, October 30, 2007