Climate Change and Forest Sector Adaptive Capacity

Session organisers/chairs:

Co-chairs, Mark Johnston (Saskatchewan Research Council, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada) and Tim Williamson (Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada)


The session will present the results of several projects in which the ability to successfully adapt to climate change (adaptive capacity) is being assessed. The work described will include adaptive capacity assessments of forest management in Canada and of forest communities in Canada, Alaska and Sweden. We also present information on the role of corporate culture in determining adaptive capacity, and how the international model forest program can provide a platform for building adaptive capacity based on community partnerships.


Confirmed presentations:
  1. Adaptation measures to changing climate in different EU countries  (Marja Kolström (EFI), Marcus Lindner (EFI), Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo (EFI), Sylvain Delzon (INRA) and Antoine Kremer (INRA))
  2. New Institutional Analysis and the Adaptive Management of Climate Change: Implications for the Forestry Industry and Forestry Based Communities (Ralph Matthews, University of British Columbia)
  3. Adaptive capacity in publicly owned forest landscapes: Forestry institutions in Canada.
    (Mark Johnston, Saskatchewan Research Council, Tim Williamson, Canadian Forest Service, Hayley Hesseln, University of Saskatchewan)
  4. Resilience and adaptation in communities in Alaska.
    (Linda Kruger, US Forest Service)
  5. Model forests as arenas for sustaiable development research and building adaptive capacity: the Model Forest Circumboreal Initiative.
    (Johan Svensson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Przemyslaw Majewski, Komi Model Forest)
  6. Adapting to change: forest tenure in Canada’s boreal plains ecozone.
    (Hayley Hesseln, University of Saskatchewan and Mark Johnston, Saskatchewan Research Council)
  7. Canada’s forest sector capacity to adapt: the need for increased levels of innovation.
    (Laird Van Damme, KBM Forestry Consultants)
  8. Relationships between community contexts and adaptive capacity: a comparative analysis of adaptive capacity and emerging adaptive capacity requirements in forest-based communities. (Tim Williamson, Canadian Forest Service)
last updated:  Monday, June 9, 2008