The "Swedish Example" as a Tool for Global Carbon Mitigation

Session organisers/chairs:
Göran Örlander (Södra, 351 89 Växjö, Sweden)

Inventories show that the Swedish forests have increased standing volume, growth and cutting by ca 1 % annually since the 1920-ies. In the session we will describe the carbon uptake in Swedish forest in a historical perspective, and their effect on greenhouse gas uptake and emissions. Swedish forestry practice and its potential to increase carbon uptake will be discussed in an international perspective.

Confirmed presentations:
  1. Göran Ståhl (professor of Forest Resource Analyses, SLU, Umeå): Swedish forests - historical development and plausible scenarios for the next century.
  2. Mats Olsson (professor of Soil Science, SLU, Uppsala): Uptake and emissions of greenhouse gases in Swedish forest ecosystems.
  3. Göran Örlander (professor of Silviculture, chief forester Södra, Växjö): The potential for global carbon uptake by using Swedish forestry practice.
  4. Peter Holmgren (FAO, Rome): Which are the main obstacles for applying “Swedish forestry” in large world-wide scale?
last updated:  Monday, June 9, 2008