Scenarios and modeling for forest management planning

Session organisers/chairs:

Tomas Lämås (Department of Forest Resources Management, SLU, Sweden) and Margarida Tomé (Centro de Estudos Florestais, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal)


This session coincides with topic 1a.  Climate change increases the importance of analyzing the outcome of different forests management options.  Already characterized by several objectives, forest management now includes additional ones, such as carbon sequestration and bio-fuel production. Also the effects of changing production potentials and risks have to be considered. The outcome of different management alternatives has to be analyzed by forest simulators (answering “what if questions”). Preferred alternatives – mixes of ecosystem services and forest products – have to be sought using analyses and planning systems including optimization routines and multi-criteria methodology.

The session will entertain presentations proposals falling within the following subjects:

  • Climate change scenarios and analyses performed using forest simulators and analyses systems.
  • Integrated studies of timber and bio-fuel production, and carbon sequestration.
  • Forest simulators, analyses and planning systems handling carbon sequestration, bio-fuel production and effects of climate change.
  • Models handling effects of changing climate included in forest simulators and analysis systems, e.g., growth models and vegetation models.
  • Multi criteria decision analyses and related methodology applied in integrated timber production, bio-fuel production, and carbon sequestration studies.
  • Methods for decision making under risk and uncertainty related to climate change.
Confirmed presentations:
last updated:  Monday, April 28, 2008