European Forest Week in-Country Activities

20-24 October 2008

European Forest Week will be observed in countries throughout Europe at international, national and local levels as governmental, non-governmental and private sector organizations and associations carry out in-country forest-related events.


In-country activities take many forms which can include: conferences or policy forums, public events such as forest fairs, nature walks or exhibits, symbolic events such as tree planting, or media events aimed at improved communication.  What they all have in common is that they subscribe to European Forest Week’s objectives. 
Those wishing to organize events or other contributions to the European Forest Week under its logo in their country are invited to create a in-country activity account.  Creating an in-country activity account allows you to download the European Forest Week logo for print and web use and post news of your activity so others can see it.


To create an in-country activity account:

1) Go to in-Country activities->Create an account

2) Read the  European Forest Week objectives and main messages

3) Fill in the required information to obtain a password 


To post information on in-country activities:
1) Go to in-Country activities->Post activity
2) Log in using your in-country activity account username and password
3) Fill out the form which appears

To download the EFW logo:

1) Go to EFW->Media kit->Logos

2) Download logo in preferred language and format


Communication tools useful to in-Country activity organizers will be posted on the website as they become available.  Please check the site regularly for new material.



For more information on planning in-country activities, write to Maria Casa at

For any other information on the European Forest Week, write to Kit Prins at



last updated:  Monday, September 8, 2008