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In this section you can find the latest news and announcements to various events related to the management of mountain watersheds.




New staff and new homepage 26 May 2015 For the year 2015 the the Working Party benefits from additional staff. Catrin Promper is working in the field of disaster risk management and has taken over duties of the Working Party Secretariat, which has thus far resulted in the restructuring of the homepage and newsletter. [more]
News of the Working Group on Forest & Water 26 May 2015 The Working Group was very active in participating at various events and contributing to project proposals to further advocate the important relationship between forest and water. [more]
Global actions and initiatives on the topic of management of mountain watersheds 20 May 2015 In the last month several important events related to the topic of management of mountain watersheds took place in different parts of the world. The UN World Conference of Disaster Risk Reduction in Japan, the 7th World Water Forum in the Republic of Korea and an event of the Stockholm International Water Institute in Sweden. [more]
Natural hazards on slopes: OEREK-Partnership for risk precaution in spatial planning 20 May 2015 In a mountainous country like Austria, phenomena like rock fall or rockslides occur on nearly all steep slopes. Forest therein has a substantial protective function, however considering spatial development... [more]
19 May 2015 The Working group II (WGII) « Hazard and Disaster Risk Management in Mountain areas » of the Working Party on the Management of Mountain Watersheds (WPMMW) of the European Forestry Commission (EFC) conducted two events in October 2014. One event focused on exchange of experience in hazard zone mapping and the other one on capacity building in the field of event documentation and hazard zone mapping. [more]
Forests and Water: Call for action 11 May 2015 Water, in light of changing climate, growing populations and increasing pressures from conflicting users, has become a popular topic. The release of two major reports: ‘Towards a water and food secure future’ by the FAO/WWC, and ‘Tropical Forests: a review’ by International Sustainability Unit of the Prince’s Charities in April 2015 highlights the need to address water management through integrative policy, investment frameworks and practice. [more]
1 August 2013 News from the Steering Committee Publication: “Management of Mountain Watersheds” Country page: FRANCE Upcoming events [more]
1 May 2013 Towards the 29th Working Party Session Forests and water: International momentum and action Country page: Czech Technical University in Prague. Mountain Watershed Managemnt in the Czech Republic: Problems and Policies [more]
1 September 2011 Review of the Mandate and Modus Operandi of the Working Party Forests and Water in Drylands: A Virtuous Cycle Country page: Turkish General Directorate of Forestry. Turkey: A Key Partner Country on Forests and Water [more]
1 March 2010 Outcomes of Forests and Water Events at the XIII World Forestry Congress EFIMED – Water for Forest and People in the Mediterranean FOREST EUROPE – Enhancing Communication and Step up Dialogue Country page: Slovak National Forest Centre. Forestry and Watershed Management in Slovakia: Past, Present and Future [more]
1 September 2009 Mountains of the World: Water Towers for the 21 Century? Strengthening the Linkages with the European Forestry Commision MCPFE Workshop on Forests and Water in Antalya, Turkey Forests and Water Events at the World Forestry Congress Country page: Swiss Federeal Office for the Environment. Protection Forest Management in Switzerland [more]
1 August 2008 On the eve of the 26 Working Party session Country page: General Directorate of Natural Environment and Forest Policy of the Spanish Ministry of the Environment Control of water erosion in Spain: processes, evaluation and actions [more]
1 January 2008 UN-Water and the Associated Programme Offices in Europe Country page: Finnish Forest Reasearch Insitute. Towards the next Working Party Session in Finland [more]
1 July 2007 The European Union Water Framework Directive (WFD): why it is important for the EFC Working Party on the Management of Mountain Watersheds (WP-MMW) Protection forests is a priority area of activity at the European Commission Joint Research Centre (EC-JRC) Start-up Meeting of the new COST Action on Forest and Water in Brussels, on 29 May 2007 Country page: Polish Ministry of the Environment: Forest Research Institute [more]
1 March 2007 The Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe technical meeting, 8-9 January 2007, Nicosia, Cyprus The first meeting of the International Consortium on Landslides Global promotion Committee, 22-25 January 2007, UNU, Tokyo, Japan Coming soon: FAO Forests and Water programme web site Country page: Austrian Forest Engineering Service in Torrent and Avalanche Control [more]

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