Six monthly newsletter

On the occasion of the Working Party Steering Committee meeting held in Rome in December 2006, it was decided to issue a regular newsletter in order to intensify the exchange of information on institutional and technical issues of great concern for the management of mountain watersheds, as well as to make the Working Party and its activities better known.

The Working Party newsletter format consists of two different sections of two pages each:
1) the info section, which provides news on mountains, forests and water related policies and initiatives;
2) the country section, dealing with specific country policies and experiences in watershed management.

The newsletter of the Working Party was published as a quarterly newsletter for the first four issues. Starting from the fifth issue, it will be released on a six-monthly basis.

Newsletter 1 (2007): Country Section AUSTRIA          Newsletter 2 (2007): Country Section POLAND  
Newsletter 3 (2008): Country Section FINLAND          Newsletter 4 (2008): Country Section SPAIN 
Newsletter 5 (2009): Country Section SWITZERLAND          Newsletter 6 (2010): Country Section SLOVAKIA 
Newsletter 7 (2011): Country Section TURKEY          Newsletter 8 (2013): Country Section CZECH REPUBLIC 
Newsletter 9 (2013): Country Section FRANCE           
last updated:  Tuesday, November 5, 2013