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In this section you can find the latest news and announcements to various events related to the management of mountain watersheds.




2nd workshop for practitioners of the Working Group on Hazard and Disaster Risk Management in Mountains 28 July 2016 The 2nd workshop for practitioners of the Working Group on Hazard and Disaster Risk Management in Mountains dealt with the problem of " Woody Debris " in Alpine rivers and torrents. [more]
Guidelines for 28 July 2016 Within its mission of technical support to the French ministry of environment, energy and seas (MEEM), ONF – RTM is leading a study related to torrential hazards in mountain areas. Other partners such as research units (IRSTEA, CEREMA, IFSTARR), Public structures (DDT) and private consultants are also associated to this project. [more]
Forest and Water Programme 28 July 2016 On 21 March, during celebrations for the International Day of Forests (IDF), FAO launched a new Forest and Water Programme aiming to enhance the critical role of forests in improving water quality and supplies. [more]
 Call for case studies on mountain culture 28 July 2016 Your case studies are invited for the factsheets currently being created by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Mountain Partnership Secretariat (MPS) for International Mountain Day (IMD), which will take place on 11 December 2016. “Mountain Cultures: celebrating diversity and strengthening identity” is the theme chosen for this year’s celebration of International Mountain Day. [more]
30th session of the EFC Working Party on the Management of Mountain Watersheds, 22-24 September 2015, Pieve Tesino, Italy 9 December 2015 The 30th session of the EFC Working Party on the Management of Mountain Watersheds was held in Pieve Tesino, Italy from the 22 to 24 of September 2015 and was jointly organized by the EFI (European Forest Institute) Project Centre on Mountain Forests (MOUNTFOR), the Autonomous Province of Trento (Italy), and FAO. The session was attended by more than 50 delegates, lecturers and observers [more]
Workshop for practitioners of WGII - spring 2016 9 December 2015 Based on the great success of the first workshop for practitioners the Working Group on Natural Hazards in Mountain areas the WPMMW announces the second workshop for practitioners on: “Woody Debris – Questions and answers”. [more]
9 December 2015 At the 3rd European Forest WeekSilva2015 the Working Group organised a joint side event with Silva Mediterranea in Engelberg, Switzerland. The main topic under discussion during the event was water as an ecosystem service provided by forests. Water is a vital ecosystem service to be provided on regular basis and in high quality. [more]
9 December 2015 t the beginning of 2015, ONF RTM was mandated by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy to draft the terms of reference of an integrated tool for mountain natural hazards management named PAPAM . Concerned risks are torrent floods, rockfalls, landslides and avalanches. [more]
9 December 2015 Risk communication is an emerging topic which involves stakeholders from various disciplines and levels. There are various exchange forums in the context of natural hazard and risk management and in synergy to these, the aim of the Risk Policy Dialogue was to create a new format for the interdisciplinary discussion and development of Policy Briefs in natural hazard risk management. [more]
Rock glaciers in the French Alps: inventory, mapping and risks assessment 9 December 2015 During the last few years, ONF RTM developed a methodology for rock glaciers inventory, typology, mapping and potential risks assessment. A first study was carried out in the Hautes Alpes department in 2010-2011 and provided the basis to extend the inventories in other mountainous departments [more]
9 December 2015 A group of government officials, intergovernmental agency workers, academics and civil society members decided, on 12-13 November 2015 in Ventimiglia, Italy, to continue working toward forming a network for Mediterranean mountains. [more]
Dialogue on forests and water successfully marks transition from discourse to action 9 December 2015 The International Forests and Water Dialogue , a special two-day Congress event (8–9 September), showcased the importance of forest-water interactions. [more]
New staff and new homepage 26 May 2015 For the year 2015 the the Working Party benefits from additional staff. Catrin Promper is working in the field of disaster risk management and has taken over duties of the Working Party Secretariat, which has thus far resulted in the restructuring of the homepage and newsletter. [more]
News of the Working Group on Forest & Water 26 May 2015 The Working Group was very active in participating at various events and contributing to project proposals to further advocate the important relationship between forest and water. [more]
Global actions and initiatives on the topic of management of mountain watersheds 20 May 2015 In the last month several important events related to the topic of management of mountain watersheds took place in different parts of the world. The UN World Conference of Disaster Risk Reduction in Japan, the 7th World Water Forum in the Republic of Korea and an event of the Stockholm International Water Institute in Sweden. [more]
Natural hazards on slopes: OEREK-Partnership for risk precaution in spatial planning 20 May 2015 In a mountainous country like Austria, phenomena like rock fall or rockslides occur on nearly all steep slopes. Forest therein has a substantial protective function, however considering spatial development... [more]
19 May 2015 The Working group II (WGII) « Hazard and Disaster Risk Management in Mountain areas » of the Working Party on the Management of Mountain Watersheds (WPMMW) of the European Forestry Commission (EFC) conducted two events in October 2014. One event focused on exchange of experience in hazard zone mapping and the other one on capacity building in the field of event documentation and hazard zone mapping. [more]
Forests and Water: Call for action 11 May 2015 Water, in light of changing climate, growing populations and increasing pressures from conflicting users, has become a popular topic. The release of two major reports: ‘Towards a water and food secure future’ by the FAO/WWC, and ‘Tropical Forests: a review’ by International Sustainability Unit of the Prince’s Charities in April 2015 highlights the need to address water management through integrative policy, investment frameworks and practice. [more]
1 August 2013 News from the Steering Committee Publication: “Management of Mountain Watersheds” Country page: FRANCE Upcoming events [more]
1 May 2013 Towards the 29th Working Party Session Forests and water: International momentum and action Country page: Czech Technical University in Prague. Mountain Watershed Managemnt in the Czech Republic: Problems and Policies [more]

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