Country pages

On the occasion of the Working Party Steering Committee meeting held in Rome in December 2006, it was proposed by the Secretariat that the Member Countries would provide their own profiles to enrich reciprocal knowledge of national issues related to forests and water and watershed management.The proposal was endoresed during the last Steering Commitee meeting, held in Vienna, in January 2008.

These country pages are drafted by national teams according to a common set of information:

1) Geographical setting – Brief information on country’s mountains, watercourses, climate and water balance;

2) Policies – Main policies currently in place, including an assessment of the status of implementation. This can cover both watershed management at large and mountain watershed management in particular;

3) Outlook – Perspectives for the future, including current problems and action needed to solve them.

Download from the links below the country pages that have been submitted so far:

  Austria      Bavaria 
  Czech Republic      Finland 


last updated:  Monday, June 17, 2013