Danida Forest Seed Centre (DFSC)

DFSC is an institution administered by Danida, the Danish International Development Administration, and is situated in Humlebaek, Denmark. DFSC has been in operation since 1969 and provides advice and guidance on seed procurement, tree improvement, conservation of forest genetic resources for tropical and subtropical developing countries. The Danida Forest Seed Centre was integrated on January 2004 into the Danish Centre for Forest Landscape and Planning (Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University), Denmark.

Publications are available free of charge to all relevant organisations or individuals. All publications from the year 2000 onwards will be made available online. See

Selected references - General - DFSC.

Seed - DFSC does not provide seed in bulk quantities for general planting purposes. In connection with programmes where DFSC is involved, seed is received and redistributed from well-documented seed sources for species and provenance trials as research samples; establishment of seed stands, conservation stands and pilot plantations as semi-bulk samples;research on seed biology and technology as research samples For information on seed available, see Seed Catalogue:


Project Support Programme - forms a major part of DFSC's training and extension activities. Much of the transfer of knowledge and experience gathered by DFSC takes place via the direct support to projects. Most of these are Danida-supported national tree seed programmes. Tree seed programmes financed by other organisations and forestry programmes financed by Danida may receive technical support from DFSC. Technical support is currently being given to projects in Burkina Faso, Central America, Eritrea, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda and Vietnam.

Training -It is the general policy of DFSC that training courses should be held in the country or region involved. Most courses are held under the Project Support Programme. Courses can be held in seed source identification, seed collection, establishment of seed laboratories, elementary tree improvement, and conservation of forest gene resources.

Direct seeding - DFSC is currently involved in collecting available information about direct seeding of woody species. The aim is to compile knowledge about this technique and present it in a report together with a bibliography of available papers.

International species and provenance trials of Prosopis and Acacia have been summarised, and can be viewed by selecting Aridzone Trials on DFSC's homepage

International provenance trials of Pinus kesiya have been summarised and can be viewed by selecting P. kesiya of DFSC's homepage.

Draft results of a FAO/DFSC review of tree seed training and extension material can be viewed by selecting FAO/DFSC Training and Extension Resources on tree seed (new pages for comments) on DFSC's homepage.


Contact: Director, Lars Graudal
Danida Forest Seed Centre,
Krogerupvej 21,
DK-3050 Humlebaek, Denmark
Tel.: + 45 49 19 05 00
Fax: + 45 49 16 02 58
E-mail: dfsc@dfsc.dk

For further information, visit the Web site:http://www.dfsc.dk

IPGRI/DFSC Project on Handling and Storage of Recalcitrant and Intermediate Forest Tree Seed

DFSC and theInternational Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI)(now Bioversity International) initiated a project, in 1996, funded by Danida, on handling and storage of such seeds, involving many national institutes in the tropics. In the first phase of the project, a protocol for determining the minimum moisture content and optimal storage conditions was developed and tested on about 30 species. A second phase of the project is under way and participants are gathering more information on additional species and the practical applicability of the results will be tested in large scale trials.For more information, visit the Web site:http://www.dfsc.dk/IPGRIProject.htm

DFSC Publications

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