European Tropical Forest Research Network (ETFRN)

Established in 1991, the European Tropical Forest Research Network (ETFRN) is a forum for communication between European organisations, researchers, EU institutions and others concerned with (sub-)tropical forest research. The ETFRN Network seeks to promote the involvement of European research expertise towards the conservation and wise use of forests and woodlands in tropical and subtropical countries.

The network has participants in 16 European countries, including Norway, Switzerland, and all European Union member states, except Luxembourg. There is an ETFRN national focal point in each of these countries. The names and addresses of the focal points are available under national focal points.

ETFRN provides network services which include:

  • the ETFRN webservice - easy access to relevant web-based information on topics such as climate change; forests and water; biodiversity; non-timber forest products etc; also many links to opportunities for forest research in the tropics, subtropics and Mediterranean, vacancies and funding opportunities;
  • ETFRN workshops - catalysing need-based research;
  • ETFRN News - thematic issues informing on current research relevant to topics such as innovative financing mechanisms for sustainable forest management; non-timber forest products; biotechnology; biodiversity; climate change etc.;
  • research exchange question & answer service - targets requests for science based information; research cooperation; job opportunities; publication and meeting announcements to subgroups of ETFRN participants, according to their stated topics of interest.

ETFRN contributes to the wider coordination approach envisaged under the European Initiative on Agricultural Research and Development (EIARD). ETFRN is not a funding organisation but does provide links to funding information. ETFRN aims to provide a European focal point for information exchange and debate on tropical forest research activities at international level. ETFRN maintains links with international organisations such as the Global Forum for Agricultural Research, FAO, IUFRO and CIFOR. As a regional network, ETFRN is particularly well placed to interact with other regional networks. Links have been established with APAFRI, AAS, CORAF-Forêt and CATIE.

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