Global Forum on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (GFAR)

GFAR brings together key players in agricultural research around the world. It became operational in 1998, after 18 months of work to develop an organizational framework and to mobilise the funds required to establish the GFAR Secretariat. GFAR was founded by representatives of the national agricultural research systems in developing countries (NARS), advanced research institutions (ARIs), regional and sub-regional organisations, universities, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), farmers' organisations, the private sector, international agricultural research centres (IARCs) and the donor community.

GFAR's mission is "to mobilize the scientific community and all stakeholders in agricultural research for development in their efforts to alleviate poverty, increase food security and promote the sustainable use of natural resources". Its objectives are to: (i) facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge in all agricultural research sectors: crop and animal production, fisheries, forestry and natural resources management; (ii) promote the integration of NARS from the South and enhance their capacity to produce and transfer technology that responds to users' needs; (iii) foster cost-effective, collaborative partnerships among the stakeholders in agricultural research and sustainable development; (iv) facilitate the participation of all stakeholders in the formulation of a truly global framework for development-oriented agricultural research; and (v) increase awareness among policymakers and donors of the need for long-term commitment to, and investment in, agricultural research

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last updated:  Wednesday, April 18, 2007