International Seed Testing Association (ISTA)

The primary purpose of the ISTA is to develop, adopt and publish standard procedures for sampling and testing seeds and to promote uniform application of these procedures for evaluation of seeds moving in international trade.

The secondary purposes of the Association are to actively promote research in all areas of seed science and technology (sampling, testing, storing, processing and distributing seeds), to encourage variety (cultivar) certification, to participate in conferences and training courses aimed at furthering these objectives and to establish and maintain liaison with other organizations having common or related interests in seed.

ISTA - International Seed Testing Association
Secretariat, P.O. Box 308 Zuerichstrasse 50
8303 Bassersdorf, CH-Switzerland
Tel +41 1 838 60 00 Fax +41 1 838 60 01

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Forest Tree and Shrub Seed Committee

The overall aims of the committee are to improve existing rules and trial improvements before introduction, and to develop new rules and trial before introduction. There are several chapters which focus on particular seed testing topics, such as purity, germination, tetrazolium, moisture content etc. The committee is also concerned with revision of the following publications: ISTA tree and shrub seed handbook, The handbook on tropical and sub-tropical tree seed testing and Micro-organisms associated with tree seed: world checklist 1990.

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Contacts: Chairperson: Zdenka Prochazkova; Vice-chairman: Hugh W. Pritchard

ISTA publications

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