International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF)

ICRAF was established in Nairobi in 1977 and is an autonomous, non-profit research body supported by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research. ICRAF aims to improve human welfare by alleviating poverty, improving food and nutritional security, and enhancing environmental resilience in the tropics.

The Centre conducts strategic and applied research, in partnership with national agricultural research systems, for more sustainable and productive land use. It has five research and development themes: diversification and intensification of land use through domestication of agroforestry trees; soil fertility replenishment in nutrient-depleted lands with agroforestry and other nutrient inputs; socioeconomic and policy research to allow policies that will benefit smallholder farmers; acceleration of impact on farm by ensuring that research results are used; and capacity and institutional strengthening through training and the dissemination of information.

International Centre for Research in Agroforestry
PO Box 30677, Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: +254 2 524000 via USA +1 650 833 6645
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ICRAF tree seed suppliers directory

ICRAF published In 1991 a directory of seeds and microsymbionts Multipurpose trees and shrubs - sources of seeds and inoculants. The objective of that directory was to provide users with contacts of potential seed or microsymbiont suppliers for agroforestry tree taxa and to provide a basis for selecting among those suppliers. Since then, new suppliers have come into being, and the directory needed updating. In collaboration with FAO, DFSC and IUFRO, and with funding from DFID, BMZ and VVOB (The Flemish Office for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance), ICRAF reviewed the suppliers and produced a new directory (available at

ICRAF Agroforestree Database

This database is a species reference and selection guide for agroforestry trees. In the context of the database, agroforestry trees are those that are deliberately grown or kept in integrated land-use systems and are often managed for more than one output. They are expected to make a significant economic or ecological impact, or both.

Species in this database are available on line at: are included in CABI's Global Forestry Compendium, available at
last updated:  Wednesday, September 4, 2002