Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK (RBGKEW)

The mission of the RBG Kew is to enable better management of the earth's environment by increasing knowledge and understanding of the plant and fungal kingdoms - the basis of life on earth. This mission will be achieved by:

  • developing RBG Kew's global reference collections and making them more accessible to the greatest possible variety and number of users;
  • undertaking world-wide research into systematics, economic and ethnobotany, biological interactions, conservation and horticulture;
  • supporting the conservation and sustainable use of plant resources in the UK and overseas;
  • informing the wider public about our activities, through the maintenance and development of world-class Gardens that provide a window into RBG Kew's work;
  • providing education, advice and information in various forms to our stakeholders, and building the global capacity for studying and conserving plant diversity through collaborative partnerships and by training scientists from developing.

Millennium Seed Bank Project

This is one of the largest international conservation projects undertaken. It aims to safeguard over 24 000 plant species world-wide against extinction and to secure the future of the UK's native flowering plants. At Wakehurst Place in Sussex, UK, a building has been constructed to house the new seed vaults and provide a world resource for seed conservation, research and education.

The two principal aims of the project are to: (i) collect and conserve 10%, over 24 000 species, of the world's seed-bearing flora, principally from the drylands by 2010 and (ii) collect and conserve seeds of the entire United Kingdom native seed-bearing flora by 2000.

The project also intends to: carry out research to improve all aspects of seed conservation; make seeds available for research and species reintroduction into the wild; encourage plant conservation throughout the world by facilitating access to and transfer of seed conservation technology; maintain and promote the public interest in plant conservation; and provide a world-class facility as a focal resource for this activity.

Hugh W. Pritchard PhD MIBiol
Head of Research, Seed Conservation Department
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Wakehurst Place,
Ardingly, Haywards Heath, West Sussex
RH17 6TN, UK
Tel: (direct) +44 - (0)1444 - 894140
Fax: +44 - (0)1444 - 894110

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