Tropenbos International (TBI)

Tropenbos International (TBI) is non-governmental organization (NGO) based in the Netherlands. To meet the needs of policy makers and forest users, Tropenbos International facilitates the formulation and organisation of participatory, objective-oriented and multidisciplinary research and development programmes.

Through a process of research programme articulation through stakeholder consultations, with stakeholders being local forest dependent people, forest managers, governmental authorities, commercial forest enterprises, conservationists and researchers. The dissemination and uptake of research results by the different stakeholders are an important part of the programmes.

TBI is currently operating and developing research in Cameroon, Colombia, Ghana, Indonesia and Vietnam (so called site countries). Côted'Ivoire and Guyana were site countries in the previous phases of Tropenbos. Contacts are maintained and opportunities for renewed co-operation are being investigated. Suriname is planned as a site country in the near future.

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last updated:  Thursday, April 19, 2007