Publishing a bibliography - on the Web

Creating and populating bibliographies is useful for knowledge and information management purposes. The full potential is not exploited until these bibliographies are shared with the world. Foris has a built in bibliography dissemination link. This section explains how to use this link. The site displaying the bibliographies is expected to be built using Foris WebDev.


Accomodating for a bibliography to be put on the page

When using Foris WebDev, it is possible to decide to put a bibliography section on a page. This is done  when building, or revising, the page structure, by selecting a page item of type "bibliography" to be put on the page. See the screen shots below.


Deciding which bibliography to show, and how it should be displayed

After having decided to put a bibliography on a page, quite a few options for its display are available, see the sreen shot below. These options are explained in detail further down this page.

Selecting the bibliography to be displayed

The first step is to decide which bibliography to display on the page. This is done by clicking "Set", above to right of the text "Case studies/lessons learned", the currently selected bibliography name.

Note, a bibliography may, or may not, contain sub-sections. If selecting a bibliography containing sub-sections, the output will be all the sub-sections, one after the other, with all entries listed matching the selection criteria (see below). The reason for this, is that the annotation may differer from oe sub-section to the other, so entires must be lsited when and where they occur.

It is also possible to select a sub-section to be published.

Clicking "Set" bring up the window seen below. 

In the example above, the "Climate change" bibliography contains quite a few sub-sections. It is possible to select the complete bibliography, or as seen below, only a sub-section.

Note, when selecting a sub-section (or a bibliograhy without any sub-sections) all the bibliography entries are displayed, along with a "set" button.


Selecting (limiting) entries to be displayed from the bibliography 

It is possible to select certain categories of bibliography entries to be displayed on the page. It is done by selecting matching keywords, both "plain keywords" and, or, "countries". 

The interface for this is exactly the same as when setting keywords for the bibliography entry. Kindly see this page for details on this.


Tuning the display

it is possible to tune the display of bibliography considerably, using the back end display settings. This section explain available settings and how they affect the display. Below is a screen shot showing the relavant saection of the form.

Bibliography name

The bibliography name can automatically be displayed by the system. Note, the name is not translated, so the same name will translated across languages.

The following options are available:

  • Don't display 
  • Plain text
  • H1 (header 1)
  • H2 (Header 2)
  • H3 (Header 3)
  • H4 (Header 4)

When a bibliograpy with sub-section is selected to be published onto a page, and this option is used, all sub-section titles are displayed above the references included in that sub-section.

Display annotations

Display keywords

View image

Reference header

  • Don't display 
  • H1 (header 1)
  • H2 (Header 2)
  • H3 (Header 3)
  • H4 (Header 4)
  • Sort by





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