Legend for priority species tables

End uses

  1. Industrial wood (logs, sawntimber, construction wood, plywood, chip and particle board, wood pulp, etc.)
  2. Industrial non-wood products (gums, resin, oils, tannins)
  3. Fuelwood, posts, poles (firewood, charcoal, roundwood used on-farm, wood for carving)
  4. Other uses, goods and services (food, medicinal use, fodder and land stabilization/amelioration, shade, shelter, environmental values). Complementary information is, at times, given in the "Remarks" column


  1. Biological information (natural distribution, taxonomy, genecology, phenology, etc.)
  2. Collection of germplasm for evaluation


  1. In situ (population studies)
  2. Ex situ (provenance and progeny tests)


  1. In situ
  2. Ex situ

Germplasm use

  1. Semi-bulk / bulk seedlots, reproductive materials
  2. Selection and improvement


  1. Specific uses not obvious from columns 1-4 are mentioned. Also work in progress is reported in this column. For clarification, reference is sometimes made to a specific country.

PVT = provenance trials
PGT = progeny trials
CLT = clonal trials
SO = seed orchard
(E) = endangered at species or provenance level
MPTS = multi-purpose tree species


For columns 1-4: " * " as appropriate

For columns 5-12:

  1. Highest priority
  2. Prompt action recommended
  3. Important, but less urgent than (1) and (2)

last updated:  Thursday, March 15, 2007