International Network for Leucaena Research and Development (LEUCNET)

LEUCNET is an informal network of scientists, extensionists and tree growers who share a common interest in improving the productivity and utility of leucaena. The general objective of LEUCNET is to provide a structure to enhance collaboration and communication between scientific and extension groups working on research, development and promotion of leucaena for the benefit of rural communities around the world. The network does not have funds of its own and will not direct the research endeavours of its members. Its main purpose will be to stimulate research programmes and facilitate cooperation among groups and individuals in the network.

The specific objectives of LEUCNET are to:

  • provide a cooperative network structure to more effectively integrate the efforts of the many individuals and groups around the world working on aspects of leucaena research and development;
  • foster cooperative research projects within the LEUCNET framework that exploit the lesser-known species and hybrids of leucaena;
  • ensure more efficient use of decreasing resources for leucaena improvement;
  • provide a structure for ensuring the flow of outputs from research projects to the end-user (the farmer).

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last updated:  Wednesday, June 27, 2007