Database on Tropical Tree Seed Research (DABATTS)

Tompsett, P.B., ed. 1996.
viii + 28 pp., 2 floppy diskettes, 73 ref.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Wakehurst Place, Ardingly, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH17 6TN, UK.

The UK Overseas Development Administration (now Department for International Development) funded four projects on tropical forest tree seed research in the period 1979-94, focusing especially on the Dipterocarpaceae, Meliaceae and Araucariaceae. The objective of this database of Tropical Tree Seed Research (DABATTS) is to collate the research results, improve their dissemination, and highlight the practical implications of the results. The assembled results relate to 120 species distributed among 29 genera. DABATTS can be interrogated to retrieve information on the seed physiology of specific tropical tree species, together with interpretations of the information in terms of practical prescriptions on the collection, transport and storage of seeds and other germplasm; it is of particular interest to those concerned with storage and germination aspects, ex situ conservation and biodiversity management. The manual has six sections: Ia. Introduction to DABATTS; Ib. Installing and using DABATTS; II. Overview of DABATTS information windows; III. Field descriptions for DABATTS; IV. DABATTS field register and rules for data entry; V. List of species included in DABATTS; and VI. References for DABATTS.

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