International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO)

IUFRO is an international non-governmental scientific body founded in 1892. Its secretariat is in Vienna, Austria. IUFRO unites more than 15 000 cooperating member scientists in over 700 member institutions in over 100 countries, and is an associate member of ICSU, the International Council for Science. Members collaborate via eight Divisions and some 260 research networks to attain IUFRO's objectives. There are many working groups of relevance to forest reproductive material, but the most relevant to seed are concerned with seed physiology and technology, and cone and seed insects.

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Seed Physiology and Technology Research Group. IUFRO Unit 2.09.00

The primary function of the Research Group Seed Physiology and Technology is to provide a forum for discussion of forest tree seed problems and their solutions, and for the exchange of information on all aspects of forest tree seed physiology and developments in seed technology to meet objectives of reforestation and afforestation. The unit focuses on seed dormancy, aiming at an understanding of the underlying mechanisms and methods for its removal, on seed storage and the causes and prevention of seed deterioration, on seed testing and the assessment of seed quality, and on a host of related topics in forests in temperate and tropical regions.

Members of the Research Group (formerly Project Group P2.04-00) publish their papers in a variety of major scientific journals - such as Canadian Journal of Forest Research, Forest Science, New Forests, Forest Ecology and Management, to mention a few North American publications, but also including Silvae Genetica, Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, Seed Science and Technology and many others. For each symposium the Research Group aims at producing a record of its activities.

The world directory of tree seed workers was published in 1976, and consideration has been given to an updated version, probably in electronic form, but no definite plans are in place.

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Cone and seed insects research working group. IUFRO Unit 7.03.01

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Global Forest Information System (GFIS)

The mission of the IUFRO Task Force on Global Forest Information Service is to develop a strategy for, and implement, an Internet-based metadata system that provides coordinated worldwide access to forest information. The resulting system provides multiple benefits to information users and providers including, facilitating user-friendly access to a greater amount of information, and improving the dissemination and quality of forest-related data and information. GFIS was launched in 2004.

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IUFRO SylvaVoc Programme

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World Directory of Forest Geneticists and Tree Breeders

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