The Oxford System of Decimal Classification for Forestry (ODC)

This system was originally developed by IUFRO and FAO, and has been used in many forestry libraries. It can be useful for classifying local project libraries etc. Seed topics are classified as follows:

181.5 Reproductive behaviour
181.51 Asexual (vegetative reproduction)
181.52 Sexual reproduction
181.521 Flowering and pollination
181.522 Fruiting
181.523 Seed dispersal
181.524 Seed longevity, dormancy etc.
181.525 Germination and seedling development
181.529 Miscellaneous
181.59 Miscellaneous

232.3 Seed, nursery practice, direct sowing
232.31 Seed
232.311 Seed production (seed years, seed crops etc.)
232.311.1 Seed years, seed crops
232.311.2 From elite trees and stands
232.211.3 Seed orchards, dwarf grafts, etc, including methods of including seed production
232.211.9 Miscellaneous
232,312 Seed collection, extraction and grading
232.312.1 Collection
232.312.2 Extraction
232.312.3 Sorting and grading (including effect on germination and subsequent growth)
232.312.31 Seed weights
232.312.9 Miscellaneous
232.314 Seed purchase, trade and transport (including seed certification for this purpose)
232.315 Seed storage and treatment
232.315.1 Disinfection and disinfestation of seed
232.315 2 Methods of storage (for longevity of seeds see 181.524
232.315.3 Seed pretreatment, including stratification and vernalization
232.315.4 Seed dressings
232.315.9 Miscellaneous
232.318 Seed testing. Germinations tests, seed quality.
232.319 Miscellaneous

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