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The Near East Network on Forest Health and Invasive Species (NENFHIS) is a intergovernmental network between states in the Near East region. FAO supports the Network - the Secretariat is located with the FAO Regional Office for the Near East in Cairo, Egypt and this Web site is hosted on FAO servers.

The aim of the Network is to enhance exchange and dissemination of information related to forest health and invasive species. Network members collaborate to identify problems and strategize regional prevention and management programmes. The Network should facilitate the sharing of expertise within and beyond the region.

To learn more, please browse this Web site as well as the report from the Regional workshop on networks in Near East region (7-9 November 2010) which focussed on revitalizing and strengthening Near East networks.

Photos (Left-Right): Dieback of Cedrus atlantica, Morocco; Dieback of Juniperus procera, Saudi Arabia; Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani) attacked by the cedar web-spinning sawfly (Cephalcia tannourinensis).


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