Monday 25 August 2008

Opening welcome addresses

Ms. Lisa Sennerby Forsse - Rector, SLU

Mr. Jan Heino - Assistant Director-General, Forestry Department, FAO

Mr. Don K. Lee - President, IUFRO

Keynote addresses

Ms. Abigail Kimbell, Chief of the USDA Forest Service - Managing forests in an era of climate change: Perspectives from the U.S. Forest Service

Mr. Michael Wood, Ambassador of the United States to Sweden - Alternative energy cooperation between the U.S. and Sweden and the search for forest-based solutions

Mr. Risto Seppälä, Finnish Forest Research Institute - Increasing knowledge about adaptation of forests to climate change: An Expert Panel Approach

Technical sessions

1. Physiological responses of trees to climate

3. Impacts of altered regimes to extreme abiotic events

10. Climate change and forest sector adaptive capacity

13. Forest dieback and mass mortality: Assessment and early warning

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