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December 2002


1) Research/Publication on Climate Change and Forestry


"The CDM Guidebook: The Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol - A Guidebook for Project Developers in Southern Africa", edited by Randall Spalding-Fecher. Contributing authors: Berold, R; Stuart Hodes, G; Makundi, W; Raubenheimer, S; Rukato, H; Spalding-Fecher, R; Thorne, S; Tyani, L. May 2002, Energy & Development Research Centre, University of Cape Town

<Excerpt from the Preface>

The CDM Guidebook is directed at smaller-scale local partners in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects - small businesses, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community based organisations - to empower them to put forward project ideas, particularly ideas with a development focus. While large companies generally have the resources and skills to devote to project development, smaller companies and institutions might not.

The CDM Guidebook bridges the gap between general introductions to the CDM and more technical manuals on project design and GHG assessment. It covers project design only, not implementation, and it points project developers to detailed resources, where appropriate. On monitoring and verification, for example, it summarises monitoring protocols rather than duplicating their detail. Although this book is not everything a project developer needs to design and report on a CDM project, it does provide a comprehensive overview of how to get there.

The international negotiations on the CDM are in constant flux, as are the needs of project developers. This book should therefore be seen as a work in progress. This first edition will be revised in 2003, to incorporate changes in the international rules and feedback from local project developers.

The CDM Guidebook is a part of the CDM Capacity-Building project for South Africa, led by the Minerals and Energy Policy Centre in Johannesburg, in collaboration with the Energy and Development Research Centre at the University of Cape Town. The project, funded by the Sustainable Energy Programme of the Shell Foundation for a three-year period, is building project design capacity among a variety of potential CDM project developers in South Africa and also contributing to CDM monitoring capacity. It will share the lessons learned with project developers in SADC countries and elsewhere.

You can download the document from the EDRC website:



2) Climate Change News


- EU agrees greenhouse gas trading scheme

December 10 (PlanetArk/Reuters)

- First Kyoto greenhouse deal snapped up by Slovakia

December 9, 2002(PlanetArk/Reuters)

- EU will miss Kyoto goals without more effort - report

December 9, 2002(PlanetArk/Reuters)

-Bush Climate Change Plan Short on Details

December 6 (ENS)

- Canada plans Kyoto ratification vote as soon as Monday

December 04 (By Tom Cohen, Associated Press/ENN)

- Arctic Sea Ice May Vanish This Century

December 2(ENS)

- Bush Rewrites National Forest Management Law

November 27 (ENS)

- Ice core evidence of global warming in west Canada

November 29 (Planet Ark/Reuters)

- Hungry Cambodia at the Mercy of Climate Change

November 26 (ENS)

- May target soot in climate change work - US official

November 27 (Planet Ark/Reuters)

- USDA sets farm, forestry carbon sequestration meetings

November 26 (Planet Ark/Reuters)

- UK carbon emissions prices slide on oversupply

November 25 (Planet Ark/Reuters)

- Study predicts global warming's devastating effect on water in West

Friday, November 22 (Andrew Bridges, Associated Press/ENN)

- Reviews of Canada's Climate Change Plan Mixed

November 21 (ENS)

- Canada softens Kyoto plan, reaffirms ratification

November 22 (Randall Palmer, Reuters/ENN)

- Markets can reduce greenhouse gases - Bush adviser

November 22 (Planet Ark/Reuters)

- White House to fund greenhouse gas removal projects

November 22 (Planet Ark/Reuters)

- UNESCAP Prepares To Implement Johannesburg Consensus

20 November Press Release: G/37/2002 UN ESCAP News

- Canadian province fires new anti-Kyoto shot

November 21 (Planet Ark/Reuters)

- Rival of Canada's Chretien calls for Kyoto caution

November 20 (Planet Ark/Reuters)

- Kyoto Ratification Replaced by Ocean Robots

November 19 (ENS)

- 100 Canadian Municipalities Take Protective Climate Action

November 18(ENS)


3) Climate Change Info & Events:


- Workshop on Climate Change in the Western and Northern Forests of Canada: Impacts & Adaptations, February 17 - 19, 2003, Prince George, B.C.

Leading experts on climate change in the forest sector will gather in Prince George, British Columbia for a workshop on climate change impacts and adaptations in the forest sector. The workshop entitled "Climate Change in the Western and Northern Forests of Canada: Impacts and Adaptations" is hosted by the Canadian Climate Impacts and Adaptation Research Network - Forest Sector and will be held February 17 - 19, 2003. Forest users and researchers will address climate change impacts on the northern and western forests of Canada and identify and discuss adaptation issues.

The three-day agenda includes a free public seminar on Monday, February 17 at 7:00 p.m. in the Canfor theatre at the University of Northern British Columbia. Keynote speakers at the public session will address the impacts of climate change on Canada's forests, followed by a panel discussion. Technical sessions held on February 18 and 19 will feature leading researchers in the field of climate change and forests and will include facilitated discussions of impacts and adaptive strategies.

Workshop Location

The Climate Change in the Western and Northern Forests of Canada: Impacts and Adaptations Workshop is being held at the University of Northern British Columbia, located in Prince George, B.C.

Workshop Theme

The workshop will be designed to raise awareness of the expected impacts of climate change on Canada's western and northern forests and to facilitate a dialogue between the research community and forest users on related forest management issues. Interactive sessions will engage forest management professionals and other stakeholders in the process of determining knowledge gaps, priority issues, and future research agendas.

Background Information

Climate change will probably lead to changes in the distribution of forest ecosystems and habitats, to changes in forest fire and insect and disease disturbances, to changes in productivity of forest resources, forest characteristics at local levels, and to changes in land use. These changes will have important implications for a range of existing resource policies which have been established without recognition of the reality of climate change. They include forest tenures, sustainable forest management, biodiversity policies, protection policies, enhanced forest management, protected areas, and land use policies. Resource use conflicts may increase as the distribution and features of Canada's forests evolve in response to climate change. These impacts have important implications for resource policy in Canada. First, Canada's ability to effectively adapt to climate change will depend on the institutional capacity and flexibility of management agencies, firms, First Nations communities, stakeholders and re
earch organizations. Second, Canada's ability to establish effective policies to respond and adapt to climate change will require a better understanding of a) the impact of climate change at local or regional levels, b) the ranges of possible impacts on commercial and non-commercial forest values) critical thresholds for change, and d) a general strengthening of the linkages between science, policy and operational management of forest resources (Summum Consultants, 2001).

Source: Summum Consultants. 2001. Forestry climate change and adaptation workshop: Proposed forestry network within C-CIARN. Toronto, Ontario.

Deadlines and Reminders

* Early workshop registration deadline is January 15, 2003
* Final workshop registration deadline is February 10, 2003
* Book your accommodations at the Coast Inn of the North.
Call 250-563-0121 or toll free at 1-800-663-1144.  Let them know you are with the Climate Change Workshop at UNBC to receive a special rate.
* Submit your application for poster presentations by February 10, 2003

Workshop Sponsors: C-CIARN, UNBC and others.
Sponsorship opportunities are still available for the workshop. If you or your organization are interested in receiving more information about sponsorship, please contact:

Shelley Webber
Workshop Planning Coordinator
C-CIARN Forest Sector
Phone: (780) 435-7281
E-mail: swebber@nrcan.gc.ca

- European Seminar on Finance, Environment and Sustainable Development
 Friday 10 January, 2003 - 9:00 to 17:30
At Grand Auditorium
Tour Société Générale,  17 cours Valmy, La Défense - Paris, France

Cost: 50 ¿.

Held by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Observatoire sur la Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises (ORSE), Caisse des Dépôts Group,
and Société Générale Group. This seminar will be an opportunity for participants to obtain and exchange information specific to the finance, insurance and investment sectors in the areas of:
¿  Environmental risk management;
¿  Corporate responsibility of financial and insurance institutions;
¿  Asset management in the context of Sustainable Development.
For further details contact Kiki Lawal at UNEP FI kiki.lawal@unep.ch or Tel: +41.22.917.8253. 

28-30 April 2003, Vienna, Austria
The Fourth Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe will gather the ministers responsible for forests in Europe as well as representatives of non-European observer states of the MCPFE and international governmental and non-governmental organisations. It will be co-chaired by the ministers of Austria and Poland.
At the Conference, the ministers and the representative of the European Community will express their commitment to sustainable forest management. The decisions they take will be of the highest political relevance for the ecological, economic and socio-cultural development of forests in an integrated manner. In response to today's most important demands placed on forests, concrete actions will be adopted.

Participation: The Fourth Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe will be attended by designated representatives of 44 European countries, the European Community as well as 13 non-European countries and 29 international governmental and non-governmental organisations.

For more information, consult the website:



4) Websites of interest:

_____ __________________

- Winrock International's Forestry & Natural Resource Management http://www.winrock.org/what/forestry.cfm

Winrock promotes sustainable use and conservation of natural resources - forests, soils, water, and biodiversity - through participatory approaches that build the capacity of individuals, communities, and organizations for integrated natural resource management and economic development. By addressing the full spectrum of issues that affect environments, Winrock programs result in long-term technical and institutional solutions.

"A Guide to Monitoring Carbon Storage in Forestry and Agroforestry Projects" can be downloaded at http://www.winrock.org/REEP/PDF_Pubs/carbon.pdf

- U.S. Global Change Data and Information System (GCDIS)    http://globalchange.gov/

In this issue:

     o U.S. Climate Change Science Program Planning Workshop for Scientists and Stakeholders
     o USGCRP/CCRI Strategic Plan Available for Public Review
     o New Value-Added Aerosol Observation Data Available
     o Large-Scale Climate Change Linked to Simultaneous Population Fluctuations in Arctic Mammals
     o CDIAC Updates Carbon Flux Estimates from Land Use Changes
     o El Nino on Track to Influence U.S. Winter


Thank you for your inputs for this issue: Willy Makundi, Art Fredeen


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