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November 2002


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1) Research/Publication on Climate Change and Forestry

"Methane and nitrous oxide emissions from biomass waste stockpiles" PCFPlus Report 12, Washington DC, August 2002

Prepared for PCFPlus Research by Biomass Technology Group BV, The Netherlands

Large woodwaste stockpiles are potential emitters of nitrous oxide and, if anaerobic digestion occurs within the stockpile, of methane.  However, not much is known about the extent of such emissions. This study tries to build a general methodology for assessing methane and nitrous oxide emissions from wood residue stockpiles, and using it for assessing the likelihood of estimated methane emissions in a project in Bulgaria.

The study consists of a literature survey on methane and nitrous oxide emissions from wood stockpiles, followed by field methane emission measurements on wood stockpiles in Bulgaria and the development of a spreadsheet model for predicting future methane emissions.

Since there are not many articles about methane emissions from wood residue stockpiles, the authors included literature on methane emissions from landfills, expecting that the large temporal and spatial variability of methane emissions from landfills also apply to wood stockpiles. Out of the several applicable methods for measuring methane emissions from wood stockpiles, the dynamic chamber method was selected. To predict methane emissions from anaerobic digestion, the study chose a multi-phase model, considering the requirements for model selection with respect to the current project. The modelled methane emissions have values close to the lower end of the 90% confidence interval of the methane measurements for both of the two wood stockpiles in Bulgaria. A spreadsheet model has been developed and provided on the PCFPlus Research website.

The document can be downloaded from:

The spreadsheet model can be downloaded from:

More reports of PCFPlus Research can be found on:

2) Climate Change News

Coverage of the COP-8, 23 October - 1 November in New Delhi, India


UN Press Release NEW DELHI, 1 November

- Kyoto pact added to U.N. climate meeting draft November 1, 2002 (Reuters/ENN)

- Dissent Clouds Delhi Climate Declaration November 1 (ENS)

- India rejects pressure to do more on greenhouse gas October 31 (Terry Friel, Reuters/ENN)

- Delegates divided over draft declaration at global climate change conferenceOctober 30 (Nirmala George, Associated Press/ENN)

- USA Holds Back Agreement on Global Warming October 30 (ENS)

- U.N. climate meeting in India divided over Kyoto pact October 29 (Planet Ark/Reuters) http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/18361/story.htm

- Kyoto opponents want to stall planned ratification by Canadian government October 29 (Tom Cohen, Associated Press\ENN)

- Negotiators prepare for implementation of global warming accord October 25 (Nirmala George, Associated Press\ENN)

- India urges support for Kyoto climate pact October 24 (Reuters/Planet Ark) http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/18312/story.htm

- U.N. conference to discuss implementation of Kyoto Protocol October 23 (Associated Press/ENN) http://enn.com/news/wire-stories/2002/10/10232002/ap_48780.asp

- The Climate Action Network's coverage of COP8

- The WBCSD's reflections on the UNFCCC 8th Conference of the Parties

- Pew Center's summary of the COP8 negotiations

OTHER Climate Change News

- UK must swap climate levy for carbon tax-study November 19 (PlanetArk/Reuters) http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/18646/story.htm

- Japan to test gas emissions market from January - report November 19 (PlanetArk/Reuters) http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/18649/story.htm

- U.S. states acting on their own to fight global warming November 15 (Reuters/ENN)

- New Zealand to ratify Kyoto Protocol by Christmas November 15 (PlanetArk/Reuters) http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/18594/story.htm

- $100 M BioCarbon Fund Aims to Limit Global Warming November 13 (ENS)

- Indonesian Wildfires Accelerated Global Warming November 8 (By Cat Lazaroff, ENS)

- Russia to discuss Kyoto pact in parliament - report November 1 (PlanetArk/Reuters) http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/18403/story.htm

- UK carbon emissions trading prices surge on demand October 24 (PlanetArk/Reuters) http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/18309/story.htm

- Global carbon credit market seen tripling this year October 21 (PlanetArk/Reuters) http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/18244/story.htm

- World lags behind Kyoto CO2 emissions targets - IEA October 21 (PlanetArk/Reuters) http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/18252/story.htm

- CDM project starts in China October 15 (China Daily)

- E.U. Parliament proposes trading plan to meet Kyoto emissions levels October 11, 2002 (Constant Brand, Associated Press\ENN)

3) Climate Change Info & Events

- Three short courses offered in 2003 by the Overseas Development Group at the University of East Anglia, UK

1) Integrated Approaches to Climate Change Management (run in conjunction with the Tyndall Centre) 6 - 31 October 2003

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the concepts, techniques, and tools available for integrated assessment of the challenges presented by global climate change and its management in the short, medium and long-term. The overall objective is to provide participants with the background knowledge, skills, and concepts which they will need for both their present and future work in specifying and implementing integrated climate change management systems across a wide variety of national and regional settings.  The course is designed in the context of the objectives of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

2) Indicators for Sustainable Development NEW FOR 2003!
13 - 24 October, 2003

The scope and content of Indicators for Sustainable Development (ISD) corresponds to the current global interest in indicators of all kinds. Sustainable Indicators (SIs) are now used in almost all regions to determine the essential viability of development programmes and to determine future objectives. This course aims to explore the current use of indicators and to teach a practical, participatory and holistic approach to their development. The course covers key areas that include describing the current use of indicators of all kinds in a wide range of different global contexts, reflecting on their use and developing a critique of good and poor practice. The course will review alternative methods for developing indicators of all kinds and teach 'Systemic Sustainability Analysis' (SSA), a tried and tested holistic approach to the development of SIs, applying this to participants' own country contexts.

3) Disasters and Development: Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

4 - 22 August 2003
The course introduces and evaluates the claim that in many cases, poverty and disasters are interdependent.  Unsustainable development practices contribute to many kinds of disasters and these disasters in turn, increase poverty leading to increased vulnerability through the adoption of unsustainable survival and coping strategies. It is a downward spiral into perpetual poverty, which can only be reversed by proactive risk management intervention; such intervention will include disaster preparedness and mitigation planning.  The course is designed for development professionals, emergency planners, government policy decision-makers, civil defence officers and aid workers who are interested in learning how to become risk managers - how to identify hazards and risks, assess risk exposure and incorporate assessed risks into policy decisions which could reduce risk impacts and prevent disasters.

All three courses are being held at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. For further details/application forms please consult the web site or email Mrs. Sarah Armstrong( S.Armstrong@uea.ac.uk), Assistant Training Manager, Training Office, Overseas Development Group, University of East Anglia.

4) Job Opportunities:

- The "TSU Inventory Internship"

Vacancy announcement for the "TSU Inventory Internship" which is an internship programme newly launched by the Technical Support Unit of the IPCC National Greenhouse Gas Inventories Programme. The TSU of the IPCC-NGGP is hosted by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) located in Hayama, Kanagawa, Japan.

The TSU Inventory Internship will provide the opportunity to young researchers/scientists to familiarise themselves with the IPCC methodologies for national greenhouse gas inventories through applied studies on the science relevant to specific sector(s).

The due date for applications is 9 December 2002.
Further details on this internship programme and guidance on how to apply
can be found on the NGGIP webpage
( http://www.ipcc-nggip.iges.or.jp/intern_Nov_2002.htm).
[from climate-l]

- PROJECT MANAGER: Capacity Building for Improving the Quality of Greenhouse
Gas Inventories (Europe and CIS)

The United Nations Office for Project Services on behalf of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) of the United Nations Development Programme seeks qualified candidates for the position.

Based at the Regional Environment Center for Central and Eastern Europe in Szentendre, Hungary, the Project Manager will be responsible for the overall management of all aspects of the three-year regional project. The objectives of the project are to develop technical capacity in the 12 participating countries (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Slovenia and Uzbekistan) for improving emission factors and appropriate data collection procedures, and to strengthen institutional capacity for the estimation of national greenhouse gas emissions and removals.

Application deadline: 15 December 2002
Remuneration: A competitive tax-free salary at P-3/P-4 level depending on experience and qualification

Interested applicants are invited to visit the UNDP-GEF National Communications Support Unit website ( www.undp.org/cc/whatsnew.htm) for further details on this vacancy announcement, and to send a cover letter and curriculum vitae to Katherin Topar-Michon, Division for Environmental Programmes, United Nations Office for Project Services, 405 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10174, USA Fax: 212-457-4044, e-mail: katherintm@unops.org. Only applicants selected for interviews will be contacted.
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5) New Publications:


The Second Expert Meeting on Harmonizing Forest-related Definitions for Use by Various Stakeholders was held in Rome, from 11 to 13 September 2002. The meeting was a follow-up to the first Expert Meeting, which recommended, inter alia, establishing a Task Group; preparing a comprehensive analytical framework; and organizing another expert meeting to review the framework and decide on further action. The objectives of the meeting were to (i) recommend options for harmonizing forest-related definitions, (ii) make proposals for the implementation of these options, and (iii) establish a commonly agreed upon future agenda. It was expected to thus contribute towards improving efficiency of processes in different international policies related to forests.

- "Greenhouse & Statehouse: The Evolving State Government Role in Climate Change", authored by Barry Rabe of the University of Michigan, features case studies of nine states that have taken action to mitigate climate change.  The report tracks trends in state climate change action and draws conclusions about the potential of state action and its implications for national policy. 

- The latest issue of the AETF Review published by the Australasian Emissions Trading Forum is now available for downloading from the AETF website www.aetf.net.au. Articles deal with: Emissions trading status report; CDM for non-Parties; To Kyoto and beyond; Stop press: Council of Australian Governments Energy Market Review

- Building on the Kyoto Protocol: Options for Protecting the Climate, October, 2002.

Edited by Kevin A. Baumert with Odile Blanchard, Silvi Llosa and James F. Perkaus. A product of the Climate of Trust Project and the World Resources Institute. Experts from around the world explore options for strengthening the Kyoto Protocol and Climate Convention, including proposals to engage both developed and developing countries in protecting the climate.
For information and documents, please visit the WRI website:

- Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries: Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa, and Turkey

The Pew Center on Global Climate Change released a new report examining measures contributing to climate change mitigation in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa, and Turkey. The report found that these measures have reduced the countries' combined greenhouse gas emissions growth by nearly 300 million tons a year. If not for these efforts, the report concluded, emissions in the
six countries could be about 19 percent higher than they are today.

Full text of the report is available at:

- Some of the presentations made at special events at the COP-8 are available on the COP-8 website http://unfccc.int/cop8/se/se_pres/index.html

6) Information request:

Mr. Eleodoro Gutierrez Ibanez of Tecnico Universitario Forestal wrote (in Spanish) on 6 November:

"Estimado senor,
agradecere enviar informacion sobre entidades internacionales que esten interesadas en financiar proyectos relacionados a proteger pequenos ecosistemas forestales de bosques siempreverdes en el sur de chile, ubicados en areas altamente erosionadas, susceptibles de desaparecer , si no se someten a proteccion y recuperacion. Para mas informacion comunicardse al fono 56-43-318661 o al mail. Atentamente"

Readers who wish to share relevant information with Mr. Ibanez, please contact him directly at the above-mentioned phone number.

7) Web sites of interest:

- Argentinean Climate Change Office Website

- The list of the designated national authorities for the CDM, including contact information, is available at the UNFCCC CDM web site. So far 8 potential host and 1 potential investor Party have notified the UNFCCC secretariat.

- the IPCC Emission Factor Database

- PAGES Project

The research community that lies at the heart of the PAGES project works towards a better understanding of the Earth's changing environment in the geologically recent past, focusing always on those aspects that best inform our evaluation of current and future global changes and their consequences for human populations.


The Partnership for Climate Action (PCA) consists of eight leading corporations, i.e. Alcan, BP, DuPont, Entergy, Ontario Power Generation, Pechiney, Shell International and Suncor Energy, and the advocacy group Environmental Defense.


Thank you for your inputs for this issue: Juan Casavelos


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