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October 2002


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1) Research/Publication on Climate Change and Forestry

The Impact of Global Climate Change on Tropical Forest Biodiversity in Amazonia, Miles,L.J. (2002), Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Leeds, pp.328

Species' ranges are configured according to their tolerance of environmental conditions, especially climate, and their history of dispersal since speciation. Previous studies of the potential impact of climate change on biodiversity have been biased towards species of high latitudes. This situation results from a lack of detailed knowledge about the distribution of tropical biodiversity, and from the smaller degree of warming expected at low latitudes. However, various General Circulation Models (GCMs) simulate regional drying and increasing seasonality for parts of the tropics, including Amazonia. This may have a greater impact on tropical forest flora than temperature change alone. The Amazon region holds a high proportion of global biodiversity, yet conservation plans rarely consider possible climate change impacts.

This thesis presents a methodology for projecting a set of Amazonian plant species' ranges from limited data, and estimating their response to climate change scenarios. Species are classified into plant functional types (PFTs), which share traits such as growth form and reproductive strategy. Species' current distributions are modelled over a coarse scale (a 1? latitude-longitude grid), using a suitability index based on bioclimate variables. Distributions are additionally limited by species·absolute tolerances to extreme values, and by dispersal barriers. A sizestructured population is simulated for each cell, to enable modelling of lags in response to climate change.

In the standard impact scenario (SIS), future population processes are simulated over 100 years, with changes in the variables governing cell suitability being applied annually according to anomalies from a selected GCM. The run is repeated for each species using anomalies of half that magnitude, as a reduced-impact scenario (RIS).

The range of potential outcomes for each species and PFT is evaluated. Widespread impacts are seen under both scenarios. An alternative impact scenario (AIS) is devised to examine the effects of allowing some "c-species" to thrive under heightened AET. The most vulnerable taxonomic groups, PFTs and geographical regions are identified as targets for monitoring and conservation action. In particular, there is a dramatic loss of species' viability in much of northeastern Amazonia at 2095 under all scenarios. The far western part of Amazonia is identified as important for persistence of the greatest number of species. Areas falling between the major rivers of the region have very limited distribution data, so are highlighted for future biodiversity survey work.

The paper can be downloaded from the following website by requesting a password from the webmaster.


For further information, please contact Dr. Lera Miles (lera.miles@unep-wcmc.org), Senior Programme Officer, Forest, Drylands and Freshwater, UNEP- World Conservation Monitoring Centre.


2) Climate Change News

- Global warming boosts crops, cuts nutrients, says study October 08 (Reuters/ENN)

- Climate change costs seen at $150 bln a year - UN report October 8 (Planet Ark)

- EU will miss Kyoto target-top energy economist October 4 (Planet Ark)

- Kyoto sparks fear, loathing in Canada oil heartland October 04 (Reuters)

- Land Use Rivals Greenhouse Gases in Changing Climate October 2 (ENS)

-India to Welcome Climate Change Delegates September 30 (ENS)

- Global warming belongs in US energy bill, House bloc says September 27 (Planet Ark)

- Kyoto to cut Canadian growth and jobs September 27 (PlanetArk)

- Rugby team tackles global warming 26 September (BBC)

- Climate changes to hammer China hard 13 September (China Daily)

- Summit Adopts Action Plan Wrapped in Controversy September 4 (ENS)

- Russia, China say back Kyoto global warming pact September 04 (Reuters/ENN)

- Sinking Pacific states slam U.S. over sea levels August 16 (Reuters/ENN)

- Norwegian CO2 Sea Injection Trials Canceled August 26 (ENS) -

- Russia gives Kyoto kiss of life 3 September (BBC)

- Forestry Dept urges review of decision 19 September (Bangkok Post)

- Bangkok to reject all carbon-credit deals 11 September (Bangkok Post)


3) Climate Change Info & Events:

- COP8 (the Eighth Session of the Conference of the Parties to the Climate Change Convention) will be held in New Delhi, India, later this month. It will be held at the Vigyan Bhawan Conference Centre in New Delhi from 23 October to 1 November 2002.

- Release of the CDM project design document (CDM-PDD) by the Executive Board of the CDM: available on UNFCCC CDM web site (http://unfccc.int/cdm/).

- Emissions Trading Asia Pacific 2002

 November 18-20, Hotel Inter-Continental, Sydney

The conference brochure with full program is available online at http://www.eyeforenergy.com/etap2002/brochure_request.shtml

Registration details are at www.eyeforenergy.com/etap2002/registration.asp.

The conference general information page is www.eyeforenergy.com/etap2002.

- SECOND EXPERT MEETING ON HARMONIZING FOREST-RELATED DEFINITIONS FOR USE BY VARIOUS STAKEHOLDERS was held at the FAO headquarters in Rome between 11-13 September 2002. During the meeting, some 60 international experts discussed a draft analytical framework on some core definitions. The proceedings will be available shortly on the website of the FAO Forestry and Climate Change Programme.


4) Climate Change Jobs:

- Deputy Coordinator, D-1 Methods, Inventories and Science Programme (MIS)

The UNFCCC secretariat has a vacancy for a methods manger at the D1 level. The UNFCCC secretariat is looking for an individual who is competent in one more methodological areas, which are; projections of GHG emissions, impact and vulnerability analysis, effects of policies and measures and GHG emission estimates. The individual selected for this position should be able to provide technical leadership, represent the secretariat at external events and communicate well. Candidates from developing countries are particularly encouraged to apply. Please see this link for additional details: http://unfccc.int/secret/02ie026.pdf 
Closing date 11 October.

- several positions at the Center for Clean Air Policy
The Center for Clean Air Policy is looking for a full-time Research Associate and part-time office assistants and interns. 

Research Associate

The Center for Clean Air Policy, a non-profit environmental think-tank based in Washington, DC, is looking for a Research Associate to assist with communications, meeting planning, policy research and quantitative analysis. Communications tasks include coordinating a monthly newsletter, maintaining CCAP's website, editing publications, and assisting with special events. Meeting planning tasks include tracking meeting attendance, coordinating logistics for policy dialogue meetings, and developing summary reports of meeting discussions.
Policy tasks include research and data collection, assisting with data analysis, and summarizing results in support of a variety of air quality, climate change, and energy projects. This is a full-time, entry-level position with a salary in the mid 20s and a generous benefits package.
We are looking for an enthusiastic, well organized, and dependable individual who is interested in a career with an environmental nonprofit organization specializing in market-based approaches. Requirements include a Bachelors degree, strong writing and research skills, comfort with numbers, spreadsheets and data, and good organizational and verbal skills. A policy background is preferred but not essential. Knowledge of Excel, MS Word, Adobe Pagemaker, and HTML is a plus.

Interested applicants should submit a resume, cover letter, and writing sample by October 11, 2002 to:

Stacey E. Davis
Senior Policy Analyst
Center for Clean Air Policy
750 First Street, NE, Suite 940
Washington, DC 20002
202-408-8896 (fax)

Office Assistant

The Center for Clean Air Policy, a non-profit environmental think-tank based in Washington, DC, is looking for an Office Assistant to cover our front desk and undertake a variety of web research, data entry, meeting planning, and administrative tasks. This is a part-time position (12-16 hours per week) that pays $8 per hour. Ideal candidates are enthusiastic, well-organized, dependable individuals interested in gaining practical experience with an environmental non-profit organization specializing in market-based approaches. Good written and verbal communications skills are essential. Knowledge of Excel, MS Word, ACT and Lotus Notes are a plus.

Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter by October 11, 2002 to:

Charles Yowell
Accounting Manager
Center for Clean Air Policy
750 First Street, NE, Suite 940
Washington, DC 20002
202-408-8896 (fax)

Policy Intern

The Center for Clean Air Policy, a non-profit environmental think-tank based in Washington, DC, is looking for an undergraduate or graduate Policy Intern to provide support for projects on air quality, climate change and energy. The nature of the work is negotiable and will depend upon the intern's skills, interests and background, but should focus on legislative, legal, economic, analytical, or other policy aspects of air pollution. An ideal candidate has strong writing, research and/or quantitative skills and is enthusiastic about gaining practical experience with an environmental non-profit organization specializing in market based approaches. This position is unpaid but can be used for credit where applicable.

Please submit a resume, cover letter, and writing sample to:

Alexandra MacKie
Research Associate/ Intern Coordinator
Center for Clean Air Policy
750 First Street, NE, Suite 940
Washington, DC 20002
202-408-8896 (fax)

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5) Websites of interest:

- The Nature Conservancy¬īs Climate Change Programhttp://nature.org/aboutus/projects/climate/
The page has information on the Nature Conservancy's climate projects, which focus on the protection and restoration of natural forests.

- Global Warming: Early Warning Signs http://www.climatehotmap.org/
The Earth is heating up. The early warning signs are in. Click on the map to find out where it's happening.

- USDA Forest Service's Climate Change Atlas for 80 Forest Tree Species of the Eastern United States http://www.fs.fed.us/ne/delaware/atlas/ 
Presents tremendous amount of information including distribution maps and tables for different climate change scenarios, life-history and disturbance attributes, ecological attributes, forest type maps and sorted list of species importance values by state/county for different climate change scenarios,  and more for 80 species in the eastern half of the United States (east of the 100th meridian).

- Pace University School of Law's Global Warming Centralhttp://www.law.pace.edu/globalwarming/index.html  
A source for information on the Global Warming Debate since 1997. A gateway to information on global warming and climate change from a legal perspective.

- Research on the Economics of Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation at Montana State University - Bozeman http://www.climate.montana.edu/


Thank you for your inputs for this issue: Lera Miles


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