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August 2002


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1) Research/Publication on Climate Change and Forestry


"Potential carbon mitigation and income in developing countries from changes in use and management of agricultural and forest lands" by John O. Niles, Sandra Brown, Jules Pretty, Andrew S. Ball, John Fay; Source: Philosophical Transactions: Mathematical, Physical & Engineering Sciences, Volume: 360 Number: 1797 Page: p1621 -- p1639

This is an updated country-by-country estimate of the amount of carbon that can be mitigated with various LULUCF activities. It is as close to a "bottom-up" global estimate as is available these days.
This analysis shows that over the next 10 years, 48 major tropical and subtropical developing countries have the potential to reduce the atmospheric carbon burden by about 2.3 billion tonnes of carbon. Given a central price of $10 per tonne of carbon and a discount rate of 3%, this mitigation would generate a net present value of about $16.8 billion collectively for these countries. Achieving these potentials would require a significant global effort, covering more than 50 million hectares of land, to implement carbon-friendly practices in agriculture, forest and previously forested lands. These estimates of host-country income potentials do not consider that outside financial investment may or may not be available. Our calculations take no account of the additional benefits of carbon sequestration in forest soils undergoing reforestation, increased use of biomass and reduced use of fossil-fuel inputs and reduced agricultural emissions. In all events, realizing these incomes would necessitate substantially greater policy support and investment in sustainable land uses than is currently the case.

Please contact John O. Niles joniles@socrates.Berkeley.EDU for more information.


2) Climate Change News


- Pacific island summit to focus on climate, economy August 14 (PlanetArk)

- Earth Summit must address the food and water shortages August 14 ( Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press/ENN)


- Canada warns it won't make a quick Kyoto decision August 12 (PlanetArk)

- New head of UN climate body vows independence August 9 (PlanetArk)

- Latin America, Caribbean to Seek Relief at Summit August 7 (Susana Guzman/ENS)

- Global Warming is Changing Tropical Forests August 7 (ENS)

- Political climate cools for fight on global warming July 30 (PlanetArk)

- UK faces battle to meet 2010 CO2 emissions cut July 23 (PlanetArk)

- Californian emissions bill - a new global warming fight July 23 (PlanetArk)

- States criticize Bush plan to fight global warming July 19 (PlanetArk)

- Greenpeace ship heads to Oslo to fight CO2 dumping July 17 (PlanetArk)


3) Climate Change Info & Events:


- CarboEurope, co-sponsored by the Global Carbon Project, organises a conference "The continental carbon cycle" in Lisbon, Portugal, 19-21 March, 2003.

For details, refer the website http://www.bgc-jena.mpg.de/public/carboeur/

Or contact Annette Freibauer (E-mail: afreib@bgc-jena.mpg.de)

- The 5th International Workshop on Field Techniques for Environmental Physiology will take place  in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain,16 -22 of March 2003.
The workshop aims to provide practical training and hands-on experience,
in using instrumentation in the fields of plant physiology, environmental
and soil science.
The event will also provide an informal symposium for established experts,
newcomers to exchange views on current issues and future development of
various measurement systems.
For more details, check www.ierm.ed.ac.uk/instrument.workshop

- Triple Bottom Line Investing Conference 2002, Nov 7-8, Brussels sponsored by Eco Securities

This 4th TBLI conference is the world's largest international learning and networking event dealing with sustainable investment (SRI). During the two-day event, the latest developments on screening, auditing, reporting, analysis, corporate citizenship, indexes and research will be covered. The conference will contain plenary sessions, parallel sessions and sustainability analyst meetings. Various multinationals will present their sustainable performance of the last year and their strategy for the coming year. The sectors that will be presenting are Transport, Energy, Retail, Life Science and Chemical. Again a company will receive the TBLI Prize for their exemplary and superior performance in the field of sustainable business activity.
EcoSecurities is a sponsor of this conference and its Founding Director Pedro Moura Costa will moderate the parallel session on Carbon Trading. Please check http://www.ecosecurities.com/tbli2002.pdf for the full program and registration information.


4) New publications:


- Foundation JIN recently published a new issue of the Joint Implementation Quarterly (JIQ, vol.8 - no.2).

In this issue:
- Sixteenth Sessions of the Subsidiary Bodies
- Carboncredits.nl Submission Period
- PROBASE Briefing Notes
- Engaging the Private Sector in CDM Project Activities
- BASREC Handbook on JI Procedures
- Finland's JI and CDM Pilot Program
- GETS3 and the EU ETS Design
- Preparing Host Countries for CDM
- Russian Green Investment Scheme
- Avoiding Emissions by Fuel Wood Plantations in Brazil
- Facts about the Kyoto Mechanisms
- Planned and ongoing Art.6 JI and AIJ pilot projects
- Meetings, books, studies and reports

JIQ is available in PDF format on the JIQ Internet site:

[from climate-l]


5) Websites of interest:


- The official website for the Johannesburg Summit 2002 (the World Summit on Sustainable Development) to be held 26 August - 4 September 2002

- Photographic Documentation of Climate Change - A World View of Global Warming

- The World Resource Institute's Forest and land-use change carbon sequestration projects website


Thank you for your inputs for this issue: John O. Niles, Johanna Pulli, Annette Freibauer


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